Few Tips on English Essay Writing

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General Points to Note in English Essay Writing

Writing of essays is important for high school and college students. This improves their general writing skills which comes to use when they move on to more serious academic writing as dissertations or when they enter a job environment. However, simply writing an English essay does not make it a good essay. There are certain criteria to consider when the task of essay writing is assigned to students. Like any other writing assignment English essay writing has other elements which need to be considered. Below are some tips for writing a good English essay.

Writing Tips
• Time management – Writing an essay is not only about producing well written documents. It is also about managing time and doing a thorough job on time. When students are assigned essays for any of their coursework subjects for GCSE coursework or A Level courswork, they should build up an essay plan which will help them to organize the activities related to the assignment. The most common mistake students make is to wait till the last possible minute. It is understandable that they have many other obligations which deter them from planning out their essay writing. But if you want unique and quality English essays, planning and managing your time is a good option.

• Understand the assignment – Most often students begin their assignments without completely reading the assignment requirements. This is a mistake as without complete understanding of the requirements, students will not do the right thing.

• Go through examples – If students are not familiar with writing essays they should go through a few essay samples. There are many online writing services which offer students this facility.

• Use proper citation – When quoting others ensure that all quotes are cited correctly. Failure to do so will result in being accused of plagiarism.

• Use proper English – Students make the mistake of writing in the same manner as speaking. For example instead of using the word “you have” students will use “you’ve” etc. This could result in a low mark for your essay.

• UK English vs. US EnglishEnglish essay writing is different in the US and the UK. Students should ensure that they use the language correctly in the appropriate circumstances.

• Format and structure – Every essay regardless of type should be formatted and structured correctly. Knowing the different formats will enable the students to format and write their essays without wasting time.

Importance of a Well Written English Essay
How you write your English essay will be the deciding factor for your grade. If you are thorough and apply the right essay writing techniques and skills, you will be guaranteed of a good mark. If you are sloppy and careless in your approach, your essay will show this and you might fail your English module.

There are many online writing services which help students who wish to improve their English essay writing. These experts will assist students through the entire writing procedure. With their assistance you will be ensured of an excellent English essay. If you lack the time or the knowledge to execute your English essay properly and you need essay help, college-writers.com will be able to assist you. They will ensure that your essay is written in the proper English appropriate to your country and will produce an essay which will get you the grades you wish for.

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