Ultimate Resume Writing Tips

Ultimate Resume Writing Tips
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What is Resume or CV?

Resume is a marketing document that contains most of your information and chances of getting a descent job. This is the first impression you make and you will want it to be good.

According to the latest research, recruiters spend an average 6.25 seconds on each of the resume.

They look through 6 main aspects:

  1. Your name
  2. Current company
  3. Your previous company
  4. Previous position
  5. Your current position
  6. And your education

Basically, you have only 6 seconds to impress the hiring manager, who will further decide whether you fit for the desired position. While managing top 6 points is not a big deal, the difficulties start with what you should do next. Let’s look at the list of must-have dos and don’ts on writing a resume that will stand your resume from the crowd.

Dos and Don’ts on writing a resume


  • Use a logical format and wide margins. Your heading needs to be clear and everything should be written in the clean type.
  • Divide each position with bullets; each of description should be clear and readable.
  • Focus on what you did in your previous job instead of describing the job itself. Include couple of job descriptions and move on to the list of your accomplishments. Hiring managers are usually looking for someone, who can solve problems and satisfy the needs of the company.
  • Resume is no place to be modest, highlight unique accomplishments, number of employees you was in charge of, difficult situations you have solved as a manager.
  • Remember, that while designers are using their resume as an example of their creative skills, other industries are fine with just a clear, readable piece of information. You can cater it according to the preferences listed in the job description, add couple of skills they require, this will help a hiring manager to see if you fit for the job. Nevertheless, note that the most important rule for all industries is to have error-free, grammatically correct type of a paper.


  • Do not exceed the limit of 2 pages; make sure your resume is well formatted and easy to read.
  • Do not overuse bold and italic typeface, it distrusts the attention of recruiter and turns your resume into a mess.
  • Avoid using generic job descriptions and focus on unique situations and difficulties you have solved.
  • Obviously, there are things you should not include in your resume like your political opinion and religious view. Recruiters usually avoid interviewing such people because of the constant lawsuits that come from people that claim they haven’t been accepted according to their political or religious view.
  • One more thing to leave off your resume is your detailed contact information. No one needs to know your Instagram or Facebook profile. Double-check your contact information; never use your work phone and corporate email as it will show the lack of your responsibility.

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