Writing a Vividly Impressionable Descriptive Essay

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Make sure to make the Reader “See” What is being described in a Descriptive Essay

Out of all the essays which are assigned to students, the descriptive essay can be considered the easiest. This however, does not mean students can take it easy and wait till the last minute to write their essay. Every essay needs a proper structure and thorough research. Therefore, it cannot be done quickly. Most often students tend to wait till the last minute to write their essays regardless of type. When faced with writing the essays they will realize they are incapable of writing them as they lack the time and skills required. Thus, they will have to buy essays as a result.

What is a Descriptive Essay?
This essay is easy as the name suggests everything the students will have to do. They will simply describe in vivid detail anything which is worth describing. It can about a place, person, event, book, experience etc. The way it is written will convey to the reader all that is supposed to be told in the essay. More than any other essay type, this essay will strive to do its best to offer the reader with a vivid and detailed mental image of what is being described.

How to Write the Essay
A good description will not just “tell” the reader but “show” the reader the subject being described. When writing the descriptive essay, students will not simply write the essays, but should be able to make the reader “see” what they are trying to say. In other words “show, don’t tell”. This is done by the use of the five senses. They are the sense of touch, sight, taste, smell and sound. If these five senses are incorporated into the detailing of the essay the task of writing it will be much effective.

Before writing the essay, decide on what you want to describe. Although these essays can be written on anything, simply writing on mundane topics will not get the reader interested. They will have to write about something which is relevant and has substance. It should mean something to the readers as well as the writer. Establish the focus of the subject before the essay starts. For example, if they are writing about a person, students should decide on what qualities about that person make the most interesting writing. They should then apply the appropriate senses in to the essay and write descriptively.

Why Write the Essay?
A descriptive essay is written to enhance the students’ knowledge in creative writing. If the student is successful in transferring his emotions to the reader, and manages to capture the reader’s attention through the entire reading process of the essay, he or she has done a successful job of writing the essay.

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