World’s Most Famous Libraries – Research Paper

World’s Most Famous Libraries – Research Paper
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No matter what your friends say, books are still popular. We live in a digital world, so we are used to getting any information online, in just a few seconds. However, many books still haven’t been scanned yet, so sometimes we can smell the rare knowledge and touch the history. We decided to make a list of the legendary libraries of the world, to understand what they can offer modern people.

Bodleian Library

Being located in Oxford, UK, this is one of the oldest libraries in Europe. There are more than 11 million books, which is a reason why people from all over the world come here. Here you can find such manuscripts as the Gutenberg Bible or Magna Carta. If you’re looking for the oldest items, there are writings dated 3rd century BC. Just get a Bodleian reader’s card, and navigate through a simple catalog of various amazing books from the past.

Yale University Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library

Not only is this place special because of an impressive number of old books, but also because of the size of the building. It’s the biggest library in the world, and it hides unique historical treasures. This library has its website, where you can check databases and catalogs of books on any topic, such as natural sciences, literature, history, or theology. Here you can find manuscripts from Renaissance or medieval periods and even a unique papyrus collection. Visiting this library, you always have an opportunity to enjoy special exhibitions.

George Peabody Library

Located in Baltimore, this library looks like a castle from an old fairy tale. The central hall is 61 feet high, and it’s lit by sunlight. There are more than 300,000 books written during the 18th and 19th centuries. Many readers come here to find reputable sources on American and British history, architecture, archeology, and art. However, it’s not the best place if you’re looking for something about medicine or law.

Trinity College Library

This amazing place is located in Dublin, Ireland. The main reason for the great popularity of this library is its Long Room. This is a main part of the building; it’s 213 feet long, and there are about 200,000 books in there. If you’re looking for the legendary Book of Kells, written by ancient Celtic monks, then it’s the right place. However, if you cannot visit Dublin now, you can check out the official repository of the library on the internet.

University of Coimbra General Library

This amazing place is covered in gold and smells of an old royal gloss. It is located in Coimbra, Portugal, and it’s a well-known Baroque landmark. Visitors can order a tour and learn more about unique manuscripts and the history of the building. Most of the books are dated the 19th century, and there is more than a million books inside.

Gheorghe Asachi Technical University Library

This library was built in 1948, in Iasi, Romania. There are more than 90 thousand books, and most of them are accessible in the electronic format, which simplifies the search for information.

Philological Library, Free University of Berlin

If you’re not a fan of the ancient architecture, and you would rather visit some modern place, the Philological Library in Berlin is definitely the place that will impress you. The shape of this futuristic building reminds the human brain, which is certainly an appropriate analogy. We suggest visiting this place even if you’re not interested in old books, because this building is just amazing.

Warsaw University Library

This building is quite popular among tourists who visit the Polish capital. It’s open not only for Warsaw University students, so everyone can come here and touch books dated the 19th century. However, it’s not the main reason for its popularity. The first thing that impresses every tourist is its botanical garden. It occupies the roof of the building, and even the walls are covered in grape leaves. The website of the library supports easy navigation by an author, year, or topic.

Tama Art University Library

This architectural masterpiece was created by the famous Japanese architect Toyo Ito, in 2007. It’s a mecca for creative designers and everyone who wants to get a bit of inspiration.

TU Delft Library, Delft University of Technology

Located in Holland, this unique building literally grows from the ground, covered in green grass and flowers. Along with a wonderful architecture, this place has a lot of books on industrial design, aerospace engineering, and other technical sciences.

Travelling around the world, we sometimes forget that many libraries are as amazing as they are pictured in city guides. Visit some of these places and you will remember them for life. Along with that, you will see students from all over the world digging in old books and generating new ideas to build the future of science. Nowadays, libraries remain an irreplaceable source of information for the experts in various areas, at the same time being just beautiful places that attract tourists.

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