Words that Will Make You Sound More Academic

Words that Will Make You Sound More Academic
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Writing an essay in a foreign language is not an easy task. However, if you study in an English-speaking country, you will have to write many assignments. When writing an essay, your vocabulary must differ from that used when talking to your friends. Thus, experts at https://college-writers.com/ prepared this list of impressive terms that will make your writing look more academic.


This word is rarely used in spoken language. However, it is used by academics. Use this word at the beginning of a sentence to make your point more persuasive. It will help you demonstrate confidence. For example: “Indeed, Charles Dickens is one of the greatest writers of all times.”


Use this word to address the opposite argument. It will help you demonstrate that you’re aware of other opinions but your point is still correct. For example: “This was a long journey. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it.”


This word helps to explain a reason. We recommend that you use it when drawing conclusions, for example: “I was published, thus becoming a writer.”


This word allows you to combine different ideas and to add more information, for example: “New York is a great place to visit because of its history. Furthermore, it has great clubs.”


An anomaly is something unusual or outstanding. You can use this word when listing objects or dealing with a series of results: “I predicted all of these results, except for one anomaly.”


This word is necessary for any academic writer. How did you conduct an experiment? How did you come to certain conclusions? Your methodology is a way you form an argument.


This word means that people agree on some point. It’s especially useful when you analyze different opinions on a subject matter. For example: “All academic concur that climate change is dangerous.”

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