Why You Should Use the Library

Why You Should Use the Library
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The internet cannot replace the library. It’s just a search tool that students can use in addition to the library. Experts from college-writers.com collected some solid reasons to visit the library instead of relying on the internet.

1. The internet doesn’t know everything

Although many people think that everything is on the internet, the truth is that only a small percentage of materials that have been published are available online. According to ALA, there are only 8% of all journals on the internet, and when it comes to books, this figure is even smaller. Academic journals contain a lot of reliable information so we recommend that you always start your research with printed sources.

2. There’s no quality control on the internet

It’s virtually impossible to achieve quality control on the internet. Anyone can create a website or upload some materials. A lot of information available on the internet is misleading.

3. The lack of organization

Unlike libraries, the internet doesn’t have a system that would organize all the sources. Searching for some information on the internet is similar to working with an unclassified catalog. Besides, when you use a search engine, you only get access to a part of the internet, while also getting many irrelevant results that just make you waste your time.

4. Online sources are hard to identify

It’s hard to understand who is the author of a certain source and where it’s located. When using online sources in academic writing, you should print it and cite your sources. Any information available online can change quickly so you should provide detailed information on the location of the source and time you’ve accessed it. Library databases allow you to know the exact location.
To cite online sources, provide the author’s name, the full title of the source in quotation marks, the title of complete work written in italics, date of publication and last revision, full URL address in angle brackets, and the date in parentheses.

5. Library online databases are available at any time

Libraries have online databases that can be accessed 24/7. You can access them on campus or remotely, using your University ID.

6. Tuition covers library use

You pay for library resources with your tuition and fees so don’t hesitate to use them. There are many free materials on the internet but scholarly materials are usually not free and you have to buy a subscription to access them. In the library, you can access numerous academic journals, encyclopedias, books, and newspapers for free.

7. Professionals who are ready to help

Well-trained librarians can help you find the necessary information. You can request assistance in person or via email, phone, or chat. If you request assistance at the beginning of your research, you’ll save a lot of time.

8. E-books

E-books are searchable. Most e-book collections have online catalogs so you can access a certain book by title or in a collection. For example, there are such collections as Books 24×7, PsycBooks, EBSCO’s E-Book Collection, or Credo.

9. There are fewer archival materials on the internet

It’s easier to find older materials in the library, while the internet is a better choice if you’re looking for the latest materials.

10. Universities need libraries

Virtual libraries are far from replacing the traditional ones. For instance, Monterey and California Polytechnic University tried to replace traditional libraries with online solutions and failed because there are not enough materials on the internet.

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