When to Write an Addendum for Law School Application

When to Write an Addendum for Law School Application
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When applying to the law school, students can submit an addendum. Learn more about what an addendum is and when you should write it, in this guide from college-writers.com blog.

What Is an Addendum?

An addendum is an additional essay that you can submit during the law school application process. This essay explains weaknesses in your file. Usually, applicants write addendums when they are afraid that the admissions committee will have some questions.

The Format

An addendum should be titled as an addendum at the top of the page and be a few paragraphs long. The overall structure is simple: you should state what exactly you’re going to explain, provide your point, and a short explanation.

This document is intended to explain things that may be considered weaknesses by the admissions committee. Therefore, you shouldn’t make this section too long because you don’t want to focus on negative aspects. The admissions committee is not looking for detailed explanations, so make sure that your addendum is concise and straightforward.

When You Need an Addendum

Write an addendum if you think that something in your file must be explained and the admissions committee will not get an accurate representation of you without such an explanation. For example, you might explain:

  • Gaps in your academic career;
  • Bad grades;
  • A GPA that doesn’t reflect your abilities;
  • A semester where you’ve demonstrated a poor performance;
  • Al LSAT score that doesn’t reflect your abilities;
  • A family or medical emergency that affected your LSAT score or grades.

For example, you may explain that your poor LSAT score was caused by a death of your relative. You may also write an addendum if you’ve got a bad score on standardized tests but then demonstrated good results in school. However, if you have such an issue, it doesn’t mean that you must write an addendum. We recommend that you talk to your pre-law advisor about your particular situation first.

What You Shouldn’t Do

Don’t use an addendum as an excuse for your bad GPA or LSAT score. For example, if you haven’t prepared for LSAT because you haven’t had enough time, such an explanation is not worth writing an addendum.

We also suggest that you don’t present yourself as an irresponsible college freshman who has changed. The admissions committee will see your transcripts and draw conclusions, anyway.

Finally, don’t search for a reason to write an addendum if you don’t have one. In this case, your addendum can become a reason why your application will be rejected.

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