What You Should Know About the Coalition Application

What You Should Know About the Coalition Application
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Perhaps, you’ve heard of the Coalition Application. The most important thing to know is that it isn’t going to replace the Common Application. The Coalition Application just offers you a new way of application. Experts from College-Writers decided to help you learn everything you need to know about this new way of application.

The New Application

This application is intended for the Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success, which includes more than 90 schools. There are certain requirements for schools that want to join the Coalition. For example, their graduation rate for the last 6 years should be at least 70%. Schools from the Coalition are focused on providing access for students with a low level of income. Public schools offer low-cost tuition for those students who are residents of their state. Private universities also must meet the needs of their students.


If a student doesn’t attend a well-funded school, the Coalition gives them an opportunity to get additional support and guidance. Nine-graders can start building their portfolios on the Coalition’s online platform. Students can include essays, videos, awards, projects, etc. When students have their own portfolios, it should be easier for them to find a matching program or university. Students can also use their portfolio to evaluate their accomplishments and share its content with everyone they want.

Everyone can create a profile for free, and a place for portfolios is also free. The platform is funded by the schools – members of the Coalition. These schools hope that this platform will help them find more young talented students. This is a space for collaboration where students can work together or collaborate with mentors, teachers, and school counselors. The platform is aimed to help students find schools and to provide feedback on their applications.

One of the main ideas of the Coalition is to enable students to present a body of work instead of writing application essays. This approach will allow universities to learn more about the personality of each student. Another important goal is to improve communication between applicants and schools. The members of the Coalition also admit that it may take some time for this method to prove its effectiveness. Although there is a Coalition Application which is considered by all members of the Coalition, different schools may also have their own requirements and demands.

Another Way to Apply

The Common App will not be replaced by the new application. Students just will be able to choose various options when they want to apply to college. If one of these methods doesn’t work, students can choose another one. In addition, if students have financial problems, the Coalition offers them fee waivers. When creating a profile, students need to answer various questions so that colleges can better understand their needs.

The platform is still in the development process. Not everyone agrees that high school freshmen should be able to access it, however, schools can see students’ portfolios only if the latter choose to share them. Students can also fill out the application any time they want. Transfer students also can use this platform. You can check out a list of the current members of the Coalition. More schools are expected to join them in the near future.

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