Types of Essay Introductions

Types of Essay Introductions
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An introduction is an integral part of essays of any kind. A good introduction must familiarize the audience with the topic of an essay and provide the writer’s perspective. You should choose different types of introduction, depending on your topic and the type of essay. Fortunately, there are a few options that always work well, making your audience want to read more. Learn more about different types of introduction with college-writers.com blog.

Scene Setting

This is a great approach if you want to tell a story. However, you can use such introductions not only in narrative essays. For example, you can set the scene to describe a scenario that your readers can identify with. Describe sounds, tastes, sites, and feel of a scene so that your readers can picture themselves in the situation.


Your introduction may also provide an overview of your topic or its historical background. This way, you will give your readers information that will help them better understand the subject. An overview also allows you to compare and contrast different ideas so that your audience can see the connection between your topic and others. The main goal of such an introduction is to help the audience focus on the main points described in the body of the essay.


Your introduction may also provide a quote from an expert in your subject to prove the credibility of your opinion and your research. A properly chosen quote will help you establish your viewpoint, while also providing your readers with some useful information and supporting your argument.


In the introduction, you may ask one or more questions related to the subject matter. It will help make your readers more involved in the topic so that they can formulate their own opinion. Keep in mind that, if your introduction contains a question, you should answer it in the essay. Don’t answer questions that are unrelated to the topic. The question must prepare your readers for the body of the essay.

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