Top Blogging Tips for College Students

Top Blogging Tips for College Students
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Just a few years ago, nobody would say that blogging will become a popular way of earning money. Now, we have bloggers who write about everything, and many of them are college students. Many students spend days and nights trying to become successful bloggers. Sometimes, such a dream can have a negative impact on their academic performance, especially if they are missing classes to write another article or to research a difficult topic. We hope that these tips from College Writers team will help you succeed and maintain a healthy balance between your college life and blogging.

Blogging for College Students

If you start your blogging career while in college, it will be a great advantage. When in college, you have some free time anyway so it’s better to spend this time blogging instead of playing games or scrolling your feed on social media. Blogging also creates great opportunities for personal growth and, if you’re good at writing, it can turn into a good source of income. If you’re thinking about becoming a blogger, here are some tips that will help you.

1. Attend your classes

Even if you plan to become a famous blogger, your degree must be your main goal. You won’t be able to impress employers with your blogging experience but you will have to demonstrate your academic performance. Therefore, attend all of your classes and don’t ignore your studies.

2. Create a proper schedule

Determine how much time you can dedicate to blogging. Don’t research and write at night because it will have a negative impact on your schedule. Make sure to have at least 6-7 hours of sleep.

3. How much time to devote

This depends on your college schedule. For example, if you finish your studies at 5 PM, you can spend 7 hours working on your blog. Don’t forget that you should maintain a healthy balance between different activities.

4. Tell others about your blog

Tell your friends about your blog, ask them for feedback, and encourage them to leave their comments.

5. Part-time job

Many college students have a part-time job. We recommend that you consider blogging your part-time job. Search for web publishers and prove your writing skills. If you’re a good writer, you might get some interesting work.

6. Attend meetings in your city

Find famous people who work in your field. Look for blog camps where bloggers meet to collaborate. Talk to successful bloggers and learn from them. If you have some problems, you might find helpful advice.

7. Organize blog classes in college

If you already have some experience in blogging, you can organize blog camps for other students. In this case, make sure to get permission from the director of your college or your head of department. You can teach others blogging business and writing.

8. Impress your friends

If you’re a successful blogger, you will become famous among your friends. You can talk to your friends and address their problems in your articles. Always try to reach a wider audience and to provide examples that people can relate to.

9. Read blogs related to your field

For example, if you’re writing about startups and social media, you can read Mashable, Techcrunch, and HowStuffWorks. If you study Computer science, we recommend that you read Howtogeek and Lifehacker.

These are some basic tips for college students who have their blog or plan to become a blogger. Follow our advice, write more, and study your area to stay up-to-date about all the latest trends.

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