Top 10 Mistakes Men Make In Online Dating Profiles

Top 10 Mistakes Men Make In Online Dating Profiles
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We all make mistakes. According to Paul Arden: “The one, who does not make mistakes, is unlikely to make anything”. Moreover, it is not important why you made a mistake, but what conclusions you will draw and how you are going to correct it.

The following article is to help you fix mistakes men make in online dating profiles. Read it and see how it works; how it will help you attract a woman you dream of.

  • The number one reason your online dating profile isn’t working is lack of content about you. Sure, brevity is the soul of wit, but it has nothing to do with online dating description. Not writing enough is a wrong way to show your intelligence. Most women like reading, especially when it comes to information about their potential soul mate. They want to know as many your personality details as it’s possible. That’s what attracts them like cheese in a mouse trap.

    However, if you don’t have writing skills and suppose that your train of thoughts will rather scare women away, don’t panic. You can always request online writing professionals to help you compose your dating profile. Moreover, you can apply for help right here and right now.
  • Another cause why you used to screw up is posting low-quality photos. As you probably know, women tend to love with their ears. However, eyes are not the exception. They want to see you, watch your smile and look inside your soul. So, please do your best to provide a good photo with a beaming smile reflecting who you really are.
  • Another good advice for men is avoiding of offensive words and by-names. Don’t even try to call a woman a “chick”, she won’t like it, no one will. Don’t use mysterious names to describe yourself as well. It will rather confuse your potential match than attract her. Some kind of a weird term like “golddigger” can be found on a surprising number of men’s profiles. What does it mean – no one knows. Remember that women’s imagination differs from your own. And if you try to express something with a word, which normally does not mean it, be ready that a lady, who will visit your page may draw ambiguous conclusions.
  • Don’t try to pretend a nice guy if you are not and vice versa. Keep it real. If you want to find a real soul mate, you will probably want her to take you as you are. So, it would be better to show your real face from the very beginning.
  • Stop talking about sex all the time. All people love sex, it’s true. However, this part of your life should remain closed for a while. It comes as no surprise that sexual life is also called intimacy. The point is that you will never attract a normal human being with toilet talks.
  • Sending messages to a girl you like even after weeks of no reply will not help. Women don’t owe you anything as well as a response. If you don’t receive the answer after a few days, stop wasting your time and keep searching.
  • Don’t start your conversation with “How are you?” What are you expecting from this question? Sure, if “Fine” answer will do for you, that’s OK. But in most cases, such questions and such answers both are points of no return. Try to be more sophisticated. Read her profile attentively, and you will surely find something interesting to ask about.
  • Stop talking about yourself, ask more question about her. Dating is not only about you, your interests, intentions and how good you are. You are not selling anything, you try to make contact on a mental level. Your potential girlfriend wants to know that you appreciate her and are interested in her personality.
  • If your online dating came to dating in the real world, note that if your first meeting lasts longer than two hours, it may seem awkward to her. When you asked her to go out, you probably said something like “Let’s go and have a cup of coffee” or “Let’s go for a walk together”. You didn’t say anything like “Let’s spend the whole night together” or “Let’s go somewhere for a weekend”. That would sound weird from a stranger.
  • When choosing the place for your first date, forget about cinemas, theaters etc. You need a place, where you two can talk and get to know each other better. Talking to her, never mention your previous relationships, date failures or anything that concerns you and your ex-girlfriend.

These are only a part of reasons your online dating profile isn’t working, there are much more of them. Read it carefully and try to puzzle out which of the above mistakes may be applied to you and your online profile. If you realize that you need help, you will find more tips for men on this website as well as writing assistance provided by professionals in online dating.

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