Tips on Writing a Salutatorian Speech

Tips on Writing a Salutatorian Speech
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A salutatorian speech is your chance to get remembered. You can talk about the time you spent with your classmates, and how others helped you achieve what you wanted. If you don’t know what your salutatorian speech should be about, just start brainstorming ideas. After this, draw up an outline to use it as a guide when writing your first draft. And don’t forget to follow these useful tips from

Salutatorian Speech Ideas

Everybody may have his or her own ideas for a salutatorian speech. Some people choose to talk about the future, while others focus on the past. You can tell your audience how you’ve accomplished important goals, how the learning process changed your opinions and values, how you’ve been developing your creativity, or how you’re going to make this world a better place.

Steps to Writing a Graduation Speech Outline

The first thing you should do is choose a topic. After this, think of how you can illustrate this topic with a story. Try to show rather than tell, using visual language and memorable imagery. Once you’ve figured out the topic, write an outline with your main points. Your main goal is to deliver a clear message.

When you have the outline ready, write your first draft. After this, proceed to the revision stage. Make sure that your speech is not too long and get rid of the unnecessary passages. Read your speech out loud and think of what it sounds like. Is it funny, exciting, or inspiring? Make sure that it’s sincere and not boring. You can also practice by reading your speech to your friends.


If you have no idea what your salutatorian speech can be about, search for templates on the internet. You can choose a few templates and compose your own speech. The main thing is to create the proper structure: your speech must start with the introduction, then proceed to the narrative, and end with a meaningful conclusion. The introduction should make your audience focus on the main idea of your speech, while the conclusion must clarify the moral of your story and give your audience something to think about.

Final Words

Being funny is a good solution. However, you should take into account your audience. Tell a couple of jokes but don’t turn your salutatorian speech into a standup show.

Use quotes from well-known people and make sure that they correspond to the situation. We recommend that you use quotes at the beginning or at the end of your speech.

Try to be authentic and avoid clichés. Your classmates know you, so be sincere, relax, and don’t try too hard to impress somebody. Just be yourself, follow our tips, and you’ll write a good salutatorian speech.

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