Tips on Essay Revision

Tips on Essay Revision
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No matter how talented in writing you are, or how well you have covered the topic, mistakes in the text may ruin the impression about you as an author. That’s why your top priority is to take care of both the content and the absence of errors.

An essay revision is a time taking process. Experience has proven that mistakes may remain in the text even after several checks. If you have just completed your writing you may not even notice if there are any of them. You can read the same text a couple of times and still notice none of them left. The point is that your mind gets used to the content and does not let you recognize an error.

The only way out in such a situation is to let your brain relax and reload it. Only a fresh look will find out what is wrong and what is right.

Do nothing

No matter how weird this advice may seem to you, it really works. Put your story aside for a while and switch to another activity, sleep on it. Next time when you take your essay for a revision your attitude will be different and fresh.

It will let you not only notice and correct errors but tell whether you have developed the theme appropriately. The purpose of the content is to reveal the issue. The topic of your essay is a statement. The goal of each paragraph is to build logical chain of proves, to explain your opinion and reveal the core of the statement.

It must get a hearing

Now when your mind is refreshed and relaxed you can get down to correct and edit your essay. Normally, you will notice your mistakes after one or two time reading the text.

Read it all out loud. You will hear if something sounds strange or hard to understand aurally. Put such sentences or even entire paragraphs in other words. You purpose is to reach a better tone of your story.

If something falls out of the topic scope delete it or replace. You need no padding in the plot. By philosophizing you should give brilliance to your essay but not to make the text longer in order to reach a specified volume.

Time heals all wounds

The same happens to a good story. If you have enough time to put your essay aside several times, to read it again, correct and edit it, do it as many times as it is needed for you to be satisfied with the result.

Remember, the best stories are tried-and-true. So, if the time is on your side, use this advantage to the fullest.

There is one and only advice how to make the time work for you and improve your essay for better: Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today (Benjamin Franklin).

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