The Auditory Style of Learning

The Auditory Style of Learning
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Do you like lectures more than writing? Are you good at following verbal instructions? Are you active during in-class discussions? If you’ve answered yes to all these questions, the odds are that you’re an auditory learner.

The VAK model of learning includes three learning styles, and auditory learning is one of them. Auditory learners memorize and understand information best if it’s presented through speech and sound. Experts from created this quick guide to help you figure out what auditory learning is and what to do if it’s your learning style.

Auditory learners are usually active in class and remember everything that their teacher says. These people are good listeners, and they often have an active social life. However, this feature of auditory learners has also its flip side: they can easily get distracted by any noize in the classroom. There are many auditory learning methods, including working with voice recordings, vocabulary, and even creating short songs.

Advantages of Auditory Learning

Auditory learners are usually very responsive and engaged in the classroom. They have a number of strengths that help them succeed in studying:

  • Understanding changes in the voice;
  • Explaining ideas out loud;
  • Properly following verbal instructions;
  • Not being afraid to speak up;
  • Good class presentations and oral reports;
  • Good storytelling skills;
  • An ability to address complex problems out loud.

Learning Strategies

Auditory learners like to listen and to speak. This way, they learn faster and more effectively. However, they often have problems with reading silently and staying focused in a quiet environment. If you’re an auditory learner, these learning strategies might help you.

1. Record class lectures

You can ask your instructor for permission and record class lectures. During class, focus on what your instructor is saying and jot down the most important points. At home, you can listen to your recordings and make proper notes.

2. Find somebody to study with

Team up with your friend or a study group and talk about what you’ve learned. Ask each other questions and reinforce the necessary information verbally to understand and remember it better. This method will be especially helpful if you’re dealing with many details.

3. Sit closer to a lecturer

Make sure that you hear every word.

4. Participate in class discussions

Ask questions and express your ideas so that you better understand the material. You can also encourage your classmates to participate in the discussion so that they can feel as comfortable as you.

5. Listen to music without lyrics

Music with lyrics may be too distracting, while classical music and other lyric-free tracks might help you focus.

6. Record yourself reading definitions and terms

You can listen to such records when exercising, walking to class, or having lunch.

7. Read assignments out loud

If your homework assignment involves reading long chapters, don’t be afraid to read them out loud. There’s no need to read everything silently. Just find a nice study space and read aloud. To make the process more interesting, you can even use silly voices.

8. Repeat facts

To focus on the auditory process, close your eyes and repeat facts out loud. This simple method will help you avoid visual distractions.

Tips for Teachers

Auditory learners need to speak, to listen, and to interact with others verbally. They are often very social. You can help auditory learners in your class learn more if you try the following teaching strategies.

  • Start a class discussion and reward active participants;
  • Ask auditory learners questions;
  • Record your lectures so that auditory learners can listen to them again;
  • Ask auditory learners to repeat your ideas in their own words;
  • Adjust the tone of your voice and use body language during lectures;
  • Include a social element in your lesson plans;
  • Allow auditory learners to take oral exams instead of the written ones;
  • Allow auditory learners to listen to certain kinds of music when students study silently.

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