How Teenage Pregnancy Can Influence A Teenager’s Life

How Teenage Pregnancy Can Influence A Teenager’s Life
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More than one million of teens in the USA are affected by teenage pregnancy. 85% of this type of pregnancy is unplanned, causing a lot of problems for both teens and their kids. Read some teenage pregnancy essays to know more about the risks and consequences.

The reason for this to happen is experiment with sexual encounters at a young age. Another reason is lack of awareness and guidelines from their teachers and parents. These facts can have tremendous influence on the teens and their newborn: they can influence health state of both of them and evoke early and unexpected rise of responsibility.

Teenagers who want to take everything from life and start experimenting usually face unplanned pregnancy. Some teens have to deal with pressure from their peers in high school. This pushes them to experiment with alcohol leading to unprotected sexual intercourse. Sometimes it comes not only to drinking alcohol, but also drugs. All these facts greatly influence judgment of the teen in the pre-pregnancy period. Once a teen is pregnant with a baby, it can also influence relationships within a family and with a baby’s mum or dad. Unplanned pregnancy can also occur as a result of long-term relationships or one-night stands. But all of the mentioned above teens can avoid and lower the chance of getting pregnant in unplanned way.

It’s important to teach teenagers and give them the right guidelines about pregnancy and sexual relationships. Parents and teachers have to teach teens to make the right decisions not to ruin their young lives. If a teen is poorly educated or likes to experiment, then she’s more likely to end up having a baby. It’s a great thing to have baby, but only when you’re ready to face the responsibility and you’re sure you have enough strength to grow a kid. Teenagers should be aware of the fact that they’re most likely to drop off high school or college, not making to graduation. Now it’s not that fun, right? Teenagers should be aware of all possible consequences of their unconsidered actions. That’s why they should be guided through these issues by the grown-ups.

Early pregnancy means early responsibility: now you’re responsible for your baby’s life. Teenagers become grown-ups before time. You have to leave everything behind (school/college and friends) and start a brand new life where you’re a parent and have to take care of your child. In most cases a teenage girl is left alone with a child, getting no support from a father. In this case you have to think how you’re going to raise kid, get a degree, how to get money for a living and find a job while you have to spend most of your time with a newborn. You have to think of support system so that your child is raised in the safest way possible. Teens that are still in high school face most of the problems, as the responsibility and all the changes in their lives can be unbearable and difficult to cope.

Unplanned pregnancy can be great stress for a teen and influence her health state as well as have an impact on a child. For instance, there are a lot of young mothers (aged between 15 and 19) who give birth to underweight child. Children who are born underweight usually have health risks. Early pregnancy can put into risk a newborn child, so think twice before jumping into the adult life. You have to think not only about yourself, but also a kid that might have health problems since early childhood. Another way of putting your kid into a risk group is being uneducated about proper ways of caring a child. Teenagers don’t pay attention to their diet during pregnancy, they don’t take vitamins, or they might even keep drinking alcohol, smoke, or take drugs. This is the worth scenario you can imagine, but it happens often. Teenagers should be aware of the fact that they have a living human being inside themselves. Teens should know what kind of influence alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes can have on a young organism. Kids can be born with illnesses or bad-developed parts of body. This is the worth thing you can do to a kid inside you.

To sum up, the level of teen pregnancy should be lowered by giving teenagers the right education and guidelines. If you understand that the information you get from your parents and teachers isn’t enough, you can always read teenage pregnancy essays on numerous websites. These are true stories that can help you understand all the responsibility that lies on your shoulders as being a parent in you teens. It’s not the right time to have a baby when you’re still being a kid yourself.

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