Secrets of a High ACT Writing Score

Secrets of a High ACT Writing Score
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When you write the ACT test, you have only 40 minutes to complete it. However, when it comes to grading essays, commissions have only five minutes to grade each one of them. If you want to get a high score, you should think of how you can make the commission’s job easier. Thus, don’t be too concerned about minor details. Make sure you provide a clear general picture, your essay is logically organized, and your essay provides good examples. Read more about main secrets of a high ACT writing score from College-Writers.Com experts.

How to Score Big

A total score consists of two parts, each one of which accepts values between 1 and 6. When graders evaluate your essay, they take into account the following criteria:

Ideas and Analysis

You should be able to present your argument or to evaluate other existing arguments. Graders don’t care whether your argument is “right” or “wrong.” They should see that your answers are complex and cohesive.

Development and Support

All your ideas should be supported with examples. You should demonstrate that you can justify your opinion. Be ready to use strong counterexamples for the opposing arguments.


It’s important for you to present your points in a proper order so that the whole essay would make sense. Stick with a traditional essay structure, which includes an introduction, a few body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Language Use

Your essay should be well-written. Graders will likely forgive some minor mistakes (you should still try not to make them), but poor grammar and spelling is the worst thing that can happen to your ACT test.

What is a Good Score?

Your score may vary between 2 and 12. The average score for ACT Writing is 6 or 7.

Writing Tips

Your structure, examples, and arguments are crucial parts of the essay. If you want to boost your score, check out our writing tips.

1. Write more
ACT graders like long essays. Write at least 2-3 pages or at least four paragraphs. If your handwriting usually takes a lot of space, it’s better to write more.

2. Make it interesting
The structure of your essay should create a certain rhythm for your readers. If you have too many long sentences with dependent clauses and complex punctuation, try not to write such sentences one after another. It’s better to follow a long sentence with a short one.

3. Choose the right words
You should demonstrate that you have a good vocabulary. However, make sure you really understand any specific word and use it properly. If you’re not sure about some word, it’s better to use a simpler synonym.

4. Practice your handwriting
Although graders are not supposed to evaluate your essay depending on whether or not it’s neat, the truth is that neat essays have more chances to get a higher score. Make your essay easy to read. Nobody wants to waste their time trying to figure out what you’ve been trying to say.

Get the Right ACT Prep Plan

College-Writers can help you get a prep plan based on your study habits, objectives, and schedule. This plan will allow you to prepare for the ACT test so that you can get the highest score.

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