Scholarship Thank You Letters: Writing Tips and Samples

Scholarship Thank You Letters: Writing Tips and Samples
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If you win a scholarship, it means that you have the necessary academic background and your extracurricular activities are impressive enough to make college want to give you some cash. However, if you’ve been informed about winning the scholarship, it doesn’t mean that you can just relax. For instance, you need to write a thank you letter to acknowledge such a great gift that you’re receiving from the scholarship sponsor. Here are some useful tips from

Many students need help with their transition to college. For example, they often need financial aid, such as grants or loans. Scholarships provide additional resources for students who have demonstrated good results. To qualify for a scholarship, students have to put a lot of effort into persuading sponsors to lean in their direction. Although your achievements can speak for themselves, colleges also want to know more about your personal traits. That’s why the scholarship application process often involves interviews so that scholarship administrators can contact the candidates. It’s very important to present yourself in the right way when applying for a scholarship, and a thank you letter can help you with it.

First, your letter should be brief. Tell the donors about yourself and the impact of their help on your education. Write about your future goals that become achievable thanks to the educational funding. Your thank you letter should be intended for an organization or individual responsible for landing you the award. Here are some general guidelines.

  • Make sure to check your spelling and grammar because you’re dealing with an academic award.
  • Be honest and sincere.
  • Use the thank you letter as an opportunity to show your personality. You are not a prospective candidate but a recipient so you must demonstrate appreciation. Make sure to acknowledge your excitement and enthusiasm about winning.
  • Use a business structure for your letter and print it on high-quality paper.
  • Convey your message in a concise and clear way.

Here is a sample letter that will help you understand what your thank you letter should look like.



Your Name

Donor Name

Dear ____,

I am honored to be a recipient of the _____ Scholarship. Your support helped me become the first person in my family to attend college.

I have grown up in a not privileged community so I faced numerous academic and financial challenges. However, these challenges also helped me realize the value of higher education.

I have just started my academic career as a freshman at _____ College, and now my goal is to complete a major in _____. This college offers one of the best programs in the U.S. so I am very excited to attend.

I’ve always enjoyed helping people so I volunteered in my community, helping people learn about available community services. In the future, I would like to serve a political position so that I can help under-represented social groups. My educational goals would be impossible to achieve without sponsors like your organization. Thank you for this great opportunity!



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