Quick Guide to Writing Great Essay Contest Entries

Quick Guide to Writing Great Essay Contest Entries
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If you’re really good at writing, you can be rewarded for this. Essay contests allow you to use your creativity and writing skills in order to win a prize. If you want to increase your chances of winning, follow these simple steps in this article at College-Writers blog.

1. Read the rules of the contest

The first thing you have to do is make sure you understand all the rules of the contest. Pay your attention to all the details, especially the entry frequency, along with the start and closing date. Obviously, you should also know all the specific essay requirements. What is the theme of the contest and the necessary word count? Make notes or write down a list of requirements to check every item on it when your essay is ready.

2. Brainstorming

Some people try to start writing straight away, however, it’s not the best idea. Brainstorm on the topic of your essay and choose the best idea you have. Make sure it’s personal, original, and allows you to provide a new point of view. While brainstorming, don’t try to evaluate your ideas. The more ideas you have to choose from, the better.

3. Select the best idea

Once you’ve got a list of ideas, you have to pick the one that looks best for you.  think of the essay contest sponsors and what ideas they will like. If you can mention some sponsor’s product in your essay, do it. Make sure your concept fits the overall image of the sponsor’s company.

4. Grab the attention with a good hook

The first sentence of your essay is very important because it determines whether or not your readers will want to read more. Your hook should be strong, intriguing, or funny. If your hook is interesting, your readers will remember it when selecting winners.

5. Write the first draft

Once you’ve prepared and understood what your essay will look like, start writing your first draft. During this stage of the writing process, you don’t need to be too concerned about grammar. Just create a basis for your essay and think of its emotional side. Make sure that you’re using the right voice, check the logic of your story, and include everything you consider important.

6. Add something unique and memorable

You may use rhyme, coined words, inner rhyme, alliteration, and other specific things that will help your essay stand out. Play with words, add some humor, or make your essay unforgettable by telling a touching emotional story.

7. Revision

Once you’ve got a nice first draught, revise it and make sure your thoughts follow each other smoothly and logically. Your point should be clear, your paragraphs and sentences should have transitions that will make your essay easy to read. While proofreading, you can also get rid of the unnecessary words, especially if you’ve exceeded the required word limit. According to Stephen King, a successful second draft should be 10% shorter than the first one.

8. Take a break

When your essay is nice and polished, just put it aside for a while and take a break. If you have enough time before the contest, you may forget about your essay for a few days or even a week. If you take a break, it will be easier for you to look at your essay from a new angle and to spot any mistakes. You may also come up with some new great ideas.

9. Revise again

Revise your essay again and ask yourself, is it still as good as it was before? Is your point clear? Is it easy to read? Is it interesting? Read your essay to friends or family members, and listen to what they say. Your second revision is also a great opportunity to check grammar and spelling once again. You may also order professional proofreading on College-Writers.com.

10. Read your contest essay once again

Read your essay a few times before you submit it and make sure it meets all the requirements. Take a look at the list of contest requirements once again and use it as a checklist. Now, all you have to do is submit your essay and wait for the results!

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