Patterns of Essay Organization

Patterns of Essay Organization
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If you want to better understand some book or a certain passage, try to find the organization pattern. This task may sound difficult but in fact, it’s really easy. Writers from can help you to organize your writing in different ways, depending on the topic.

For example, if you have to describe your bedroom, it makes sense to use a spatial pattern. In this case, you will focus on describing one area and then move to another area, until you describe the whole room. Such an approach is often used by real estate experts when describing a property.

You may also need to describe some events that caused some historical consequences. In this case, you have to list the events chronologically, therefore using a chronological organization pattern. For instance, you may start by describing legislation that led to a certain event, then you can focus on the public response and global consequences.

To understand a difficult text better, try to determine the used organization pattern. It will allow you to get a grasp on the overall concept and structure of the text. This simple approach is as effective as writing an outline.

Chronological organization is used when a writer needs to describe some events that happened chronologically. For example, your history textbook is most likely written using this pattern. Here are other types of writing that often have the same organization pattern:

  • Biographies
  • Legal case studies
  • History chapters
  • Essays about summer vacation

Functional organization is often used when a writer explains how something works. This pattern is the most effective in the following types of papers:

  • Step-by-step essays
  • Recipes
  • How-to guides
  • Instruction manuals

Logical organization is used in various types of writing. It can be helpful if you have to explain your position or express a point using evidence:

  • Comparison essays
  • Argument essays

Spatial organization is used in papers where a physical location of certain objects is especially important:

  • Descriptions
  • Fictional descriptions
  • Layouts
  • Directions
  • Anatomy essays

The understanding of organization patterns gives you a considerable advantage when reading. You can better understand what to expect, focusing on the right things. These patterns are intended to create a framework for the information. When you understand the overall organization of the text, it gets much easier to process the content.

We also suggest that you keep in mind different organization patterns when writing your assignments and reading sources. If you use the right patterns when writing, your readers will better understand you and your paper will be easier to read.

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