Outstanding Topics for Research Papers: Start Writing Right Now

Outstanding Topics for Research Papers: Start Writing Right Now
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If you’re working on different topics at the same time, which is an ordinary thing for students, you know how important it is to make an in-depth research on every particular subject. This is the best way to understand all specific features of an issue. For such a reason, students often get research papers assigned.

When you’re going to write such a type of work, you need to choose the right topic. You may have a couple interesting topics that you would like to write about, but are you sure it will turn into a good paper?

To choose an interesting topic, it’s worth answering a few important questions:

  • Is this topic really interesting for you?
  • Have you seen any relevant information about this issue in media?
  • Are you able to get enough information for writing?
  • Can this topic be used in your further researches?

Whatever your choice is, we suggest you to rely only on proven sources, such as libraries, news, academic journals and so on. You can also search for fresh ideas in the internet.

You need to get as much topics as you can, so you could find the one that is most interesting and easy for you. Choose carefully, considering not only your knowledge and writing style, but also an audience you’re talking to. We suggest you to not choose the most popular topics, because they were already used by most students, and it will make writing an original paper a hard task.

Best Ideas and Topics for Your Paper

Here are some topics that can form a basis for a good research paper. You can start writing about every topic or analyze its main features and create your own topic based on it. We hope our list will help you a lot, so just check it out!

Topics for Research on Marketing

  1. Healthcare business and marketing: key features and trends.
  2. Advertising and cultural indicators.
  3. Influence of retro-trends on the modern buyers’ behavior.
  4. Features of food advertising: consumer attitude.
  5. Sport and tourism marketing.
  6. How religion impacts tourism.
  7. Features of viral content in advertising.
  8. Market of intelligence property: analysis.
  9. Market analysis and strategies of the game industry.
  10. Tools of the marketing: symbols of the Starbucks.

Topics for International Business Research

  1. Multi-National Enterprises in fishing industry.
  2. TATA Motors: perspectives and financial analysis.
  3. Baidu: products and business perspectives.
  4. Tax cheating in the example of Microsoft.
  5. Netflix strategy in India: new challenges and solutions.
  6. Chinese internet: key differences.
  7. Ethereum: opportunities for business.
  8. Major problems of Uber service and possible solutions.
  9. How India attracts biggest IT companies: IBM.
  10. Amazon’s retail assortment: features of management strategies.

Topics for Research on Economics

  1. Monopoly problem. Key principles of monopoly.
  2. Currency crisis in Asia: Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines.
  3. Intelligence-led policing: advantages and disadvantages.
  4. Adani Carmichael: your point and solutions.
  5. Relations between Pakistan and India. Sino-Pakistani cooperation.
  6. Target market estimation and risk assessment.
  7. WTO impact on the world trade: analysis of the past 10 years.
  8. Federal Reserve System in the US economy.
  9. World hunger and food policy.
  10. Bitcoin: legal status and related problems.

Topics for Medical Research

  1. Asthma treatment and epidemiological monitoring.
  2. Newborns: methods of preventing the pain.
  3. Mental disorders in children’s drawings.
  4. Viral cirrhosis VS alcoholic cirrhosis: features of treatment.
  5. Osteoarthritis: risks and therapy.
  6. Obsessive-compulsive disorder and its relation to over-attention.
  7. Digestion disorders: therapy for children.
  8. Dementia: diet and proper nutrition.
  9. HPV and its impact on reproductive functions.
  10. Blunt chest trauma: best solutions for treatment.

Topics for History Research

  1. Etymology of world’s stories.
  2. Gold coins in Italy: XIII century.
  3. Different theories about the Great War.
  4. Vietnam poverty: analysis of causes and consequences.
  5. Transformation of Japanese food culture.
  6. Causes of the Battle of Jerusalem in 1917.
  7. Chivarlic code: key principles and significance.
  8. Amazon: religion, territory and traditions.
  9. Women’s rights and the American Revolution.
  10. Important figures of Christianity.

Topics for IT Research

  1. NextGen: impact on business aviation.
  2. Principles and importance of net neutrality.
  3. Smart cars and cyber-attacks: possible solutions.
  4. Innovations in mechanical engineering.
  5. Walmart: problems of the payment system and solutions.
  6. Intellectual property: sharing strategies.
  7. Automation for HR service.
  8. Virtual reality: opportunities for business.
  9. Analysis of Big Data technologies.
  10. Major problems of online privacy.

Topics for Business Research

  1. Gender diversity and financial success.
  2. Bidding for a price: features of negotiations.
  3. Collaboration of competitors in business.
  4. Bonuses as a way to increase sales.
  5. Product or announcement: what should be presented first?
  6. Millenials on management positions.
  7. Winning strategies of IBM.
  8. Mobile applications: consequences of inaccessibility.
  9. Price for goods: how consumers make their choice.
  10. Macro shocks: solutions for companies.

Topics for Art History Research

  1. Features of Egyptian art.
  2. Mosque architecture: common types.
  3. Human body in the Renaissance art.
  4. Scenes from the Bible in medieval art.
  5. Futurism and politics of the 20th century.
  6. “The Death of General Wolfe”: analysis of the Benjamin West’s painting.
  7. Francis Bacon and scientific revolution.
  8. Andy Warhol’s contribution to the advertising.
  9. French Revolution art VS ancient Greek art: differences and common characteristics.
  10. Impressionists and their subject matter.

Topics for Psychology Research

  1. Children and toys made for another gender.
  2. Suicidal and non-suicidal harm: needs of children.
  3. Child molestation: problems with personal relationships.
  4. Children with ambiguous genitalia: guide for parents.
  5. Prematurely born children: psychological traits.
  6. Same-sex parenting.
  7. Relationship between crying and maltreatment.
  8. Advantages of nuclear families for children.
  9. Family affairs: methods of regulation.
  10. Indentification of children related to several groups.

Topics for Sociology Research

  1. Cameras on cars and privacy issue.
  2. Overcrowded prisons and their impact on society.
  3. Commercial organ transplantation.
  4. How movies affect our values.
  5. Causes of Islamophobia.
  6. Censorship in Facebook.
  7. US driving laws: pedestrian VS drivers.
  8. Education for homeless children.
  9. How to protect information in social media.
  10. Impact of business and politics on democratic journalism.

Topics for Literature Research

  1. Dreams in “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass”.
  2. What does size mean in “Gulliver’s Travels”?
  3. Jane Austin and women in marriage: “Pride and Prejudice”.
  4. The role of Claude Frollo in “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”.
  5. Alienation from society in example of “Crime and Punishment”.
  6. Superiority of beauty and youth in “The Picture of Dorian Grey”.
  7. “The Great Gatsby”: setting and perception.
  8. What does Mama’s plant mean an “A Raisin in the Sun”.
  9. Literary contribution of “Fahrenheit 451”.
  10. Animal instinct in “All Quiet on the Western Front”.


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