Narrative Essay: Key Features

Narrative Essay: Key Features
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First, what is a narrative essay? It’s a type of writing paper used in schools and colleges. Narrative essay involves writing a story from your own life, related to the considering topic. Keep in mind that your essay should include a story and an analytical part. You need to consider your own story, draw conclusions and explain how this experience illustrates the main topic. This type of assignment is used to estimate your writing skills, as well as your ability to build analogies between the certain topic and real life.

Adhere to the prompt. If you’re a school student, usually you’ll get a prompt from teacher. Even if you’re going to write an unbelievable story with unexpected plot twists, it should be written according to a prompt.

Make sure that you understand the major questions of your topic to focus on the most important moments. Usually narrative essay topics contain such plot lines as unexpected obstacles you needed to overcome, how you coped with the consequences of your own fail, how your personal qualities changed with a new life experience, how you faced the discrimination, or in contrary, privileges. To create a perfect essay, you need to make your topic as narrow as possible. Keep in mind that this type of writing is relatively short. You don’t need to choose a broad topic with a lot of characters. Try to highlight the most important moments. Choosing between a period of life and a certain situation, it’s worth choosing the latter to keep your story brief and clear.

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Best Topics for Narrative Essay

  1. A story of misunderstanding or comic situation.
  2. Your experience of natural disaster.
  3. Your dream job and how you are going to get it.
  4. Your earliest memories.
  5. The most important discovery in your life.
  6. Your biggest success or fail.
  7. Memorable journey that changed your life.
  8. How you got an unexpected friend.
  9. An experience that showed you how dangerous your wishes could be.
  10. Your experience of heroism or cowardice.

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