Narrative Essay about Yourself

Narrative Essay about Yourself
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This type of essay is focused on your life and experiences. This task gives you a certain advantage, since you can speak from your point of view and tell about things that actually happened to you. On the other hand, it’s not an easy task, since you need to shorten all your emotions and claims into the brief essay form, which usually consists of only five paragraphs. You need to highlight the most important moments and don’t focus on unnecessary details. Even though it’s an essay about yourself, make sure that you don’t sound self-centered. Think what would be interesting for your readers and what is really worth sharing with others.

First of all, your essay must highlight the following things:

  • Your challenges,
  • Your talents,
  • Your interests,
  • Your background,
  • Your important achievements,
  • Interesting things about who you are.

We decided to tell you key features of writing an autobiographical essay, so you could understand what rules to follow. We suggest you to adhere to the following sequence of actions:

  • Brainstorm and find best ideas;
  • Introduce yourself to readers;
  • Write the body part;
  • Make conclusions;
  • Check and polish your essay.

Choose the Most Interesting and Important Information

If you have no ideas what exactly to write about, we suggest you to take a time and brainstorm. Write down all things you consider important about yourself: your achievements, experiences, skills, everything that you like. Don’t forget that your essay should be remembered by readers, so it should be different from any other paper that they will read. This thing is of key significance especially for those who write a narrative essay for an admission committee.

Try to impress your readers from the very first words. To help you with it, we collected some good topics.

Examples of the Best Topics

  • The most difficult choice in your life;
  • Your experience between life and death;
  • What you’d like to change about yourself;
  • The most important moment in your life;
  • Your biggest lost ever.

For this essay type, we suggest you to stay away from the controversial issues, such as:

  • Religion;
  • Race;
  • Gender;
  • Politics;
  • Money.

Introduce Yourself

Try to avoid too obvious descriptions, such as “My name is Joe, I was born in the A and then moved to the B, and the most important moment in my life is…” Use your creativity; find more interesting way to introduce yourself.

For example, write “I was born after my father came back from the army… There was an unexpected moment that changed my whole life…”

Writing in this manner, you’ll get readers’ attention and make them want to continue reading your essay.

The Body Part

Here you need to describe your experience, interests or background in more details. Try to not jump from one subject to another, because it makes your text hard to perceive, and you get a chance that readers will just stop reading your essay. Define your key points and write about them in a certain order. We suggest you to pay special attention to transitions between paragraphs, to keep your text holistic and easy to read.

Writing an essay for an admission commission, you need to adhere to certain standards. There is some information that is necessary, such as your skills, your life goals and achievements.

Summarize Your Essay

Every good essay includes a conclusion part. Define your key point, what is most important about this story. Maybe you’ve learnt something new or developed some new skills? Maybe this story pushed you to rethink your whole life? Explain how it happened and what you consider useful for others. One of the good approaches for you is a “so what?” method. Read your entire essay and ask yourself, “So what?” Usually, it’s easy to find the answer. Write your conclusions based on it.

Polish Your Essay

Obviously, your essay shouldn’t contain any grammar, logical or stylistic mistakes. Given that you’re the author of such a paper, it may be hard to critically evaluate your work, so we wrote several tips for you.

  • Read your work more than once. Be accurate and fix all mistakes that you see. It’s also a good choice to read it out loud, so you could pay your attention to any spelling and punctuation features.
  • Use grammar check programs. There are a lot of such programs. You can download them from the internet or use them online. However, you shouldn’t rely only on automatic services, because they may miss some mistakes. Don’t forget that you can order a professional grammar check from our writers.
  • Give your essay to your friends or family, let them read it and listen what they’ll say.
  • Avoid common mistakes. Most students know which mistakes they make most often. We suggest you to write a list of your most common mistakes and always check this list, reading the essay.

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