Make Your Essay Perfect

Make Your Essay Perfect
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When all the paragraphs of your essay are ready, that doesn’t mean that you should submit it immediately. We, authors of, suggest checking it a few times to make sure it has a proper structure, all the citations are properly formatted, and all the paragraphs are logically connected to each other.

The Order of Paragraphs

Think of what paragraph is the strongest one and where it should be to create the best impression. You may start the body of the essay with the strongest paragraph, or write it at the end. There are many ways to organize paragraphs. The most important thing is to keep in mind the purpose of your paper and to make sure its structure makes sense. If you’re writing an essay that describes a certain process, you can just describe each step of the process, following the order in which these steps are performed.

Check Your Instructions

You should also make sure your paper meets all the necessary requirements. Check your initial instructions and make sure you did everything right.

  • Check your margins;
  • Check your title page;
  • Did you include any necessary additional information?
  • Did you use double spaces?

Edit and Proofread

The only way to make sure your essay is really good is to review it. You should check your main points and make sure your arguments actually support your ideas. In addition, you should fix any mistakes and polish your grammar.

  • Is your essay logically correct? Take a break for a few hours and read your essay again. Are your ideas still clear? Do your arguments make sense?
  • Do you have smooth transitions between the sentences? If your narrative jumps from one point to another, your readers won’t understand what you’re talking about and the readability of your text will decrease. Add transition sentences to create a smooth flow, and pay particular attention to transitions between paragraphs.
  • Check your spelling and grammar. You may also want to order professional proofreading or use online grammar checkers to make sure you don’t miss any mistake.

Make sure you use the required citation format. Always double check your paper before submitting it.

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