Learn to Write a Proper Film Analysis Essay

Learn to Write a Proper Film Analysis Essay
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Although writing an essay about a movie may seem to be a fun task, it’s much more complicated than it seems. You have to write an analysis essay, so watching the movie and describing your emotions will not work. You may catch yourself just staring at a blank sheet of paper without understanding where to start and what is the point of your essay.

To write a good film analysis essay, you should properly organize your thoughts, write them down in an interesting way, and create the right structure. If you follow our advice given in this article at https://college-writers.com/ and organize your essay according to this structure, the writing process itself will not cause you any troubles.

1. Introduction

The first section of your film analysis should provide general information about the movie such as its title, director’s name, date of release, etc. You should also provide the necessary background information about the movie. Think of its purpose and reasons why the filmmaker decided to create it. Don’t forget to describe the main idea of the movie, and end your introductory section with a thesis statement.

2. Summary

Once you’ve introduced the general information about the movie, summarize it. you should describe the movie like if your readers have never seen it before. Your summary should cover only the most important things, answering such questions as “who?”, “what?”, “how?”, “why?”, “where?”, “when?”, etc. You may also address the style and structure of the movie, supporting your thoughts with examples from the movie.

3. Analysis

This is the most important part of your essay. Here you have to analyze the movie, supporting your claims with relevant examples from the source. Films consist of many creative elements merged into one. Here are the most important elements to consider.

  • Scenario
    A script includes descriptions of scenes, dialogs, and events. Try to understand the logic of events, as all the characters have certain reasons to act in a certain way. If there’s no logic in the plot, the chances are that such a scenario is not really good.
  • Directing
    The director is the main person responsible for the execution of the scenario, tasks for actors, selection of the scenes, and many other important aspects of filmmaking. When analyzing the director’s work, you may also compare this movie to their previous works.
  • Acting
    Actors portray various characters and help the director bring their vision into reality. Think of acting in the context of the main idea of the movie and in relation to your thesis statement.
  • Soundtrack
    Musical elements are also an important part of any movie. It helps to deliver the necessary emotional message. Think of how the soundtrack reflects the mood and the message of the movie.
  • Visual elements
    Every movie includes a variety of visual elements, such as CGI, make-up, costumes, and decorations. Visual effects are also a crucial aspect of filmmaking, as they create the necessary setting and may add action. Focus on the elements that are directly related to your thesis statement.

4. Conclusion

At the end of your film analysis essay, restate your thesis statement and summarize your analysis in a concise way. You may also want to either recommend the movie to your readers or to suggest that it’s not worth wasting time on it.

If you already have too many writing assignments, tests, and extracurricular activities, you may realize that you just don’t have enough time to write an analysis essay. If so, don’t be afraid to ask professionals from College-Writers.com for help. They can prepare a great essay for you and deliver it on time.

Writing essays about movies is an interesting task. Just follow our tips and you will write a properly structured essay that covers all the important aspects. Who knows, you may even enjoy writing such essays!

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