Interview With a Research Writer — Judy

Interview With a Research Writer — Judy
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Were you always a writer? How did you start working here?
I always loved books, since I was a little kid. In school, I was a kind of a nerdy girl, because I really loved all the writing assignments, and I always tried to research any topic to better understand it. But I didn’t become a writer straight away, my profession is quite different.
What is that? Is it a secret?
Well, I’ve got my science degree after college, and I’m a neurophysiologist. At that time, I was going to continue my career in science, but then I just realized that it’s not really for me. I always loved writing, so I just thought, “Why not?” Now I’m really happy that I decided to try freelance writing, I love this job very much. I always learn something new, and I help people.
So, is college a waste of time?
No, not at all. Of course, I don’t use all the knowledge that I’ve got there, but college allows you to train some useful skills. And, thanks to college, I learned some approaches that I use even now when doing research on any subject. College taught me how to analyze data, and how to write good papers, after all.
How did you become a research paper writer?
I met the owner of this company when I was looking for jobs. He ordered three e-books, and I liked the process very much. I decided to keep working here, and I’m really happy about it.
What do you like about this job?
I like to learn new things about everything. Sometimes I need to find information about some things that I have never thought of. For example, recently, I’ve completed a long paper about the history of Philips company. Before that, I’ve been working on ancient Persian literature. I think it’s the most interesting job in the world.
Don’t you think it’s unethical to write someone else’s papers?
I know what it is to be a student, and I know that even the most successful students feel a lot of pressure. They just don’t have enough time to write dozens of writing assignments, and they really need help. So I don’t think it’s unethical, quite the contrary — I help them and so I do a good thing. I’m glad that my papers help somebody not to fail a course.
Can you tell us what is so special about
I have worked for many companies, and I can say that this one is the best. We have friendly staff, positive vibes, fast and convenient communication between customers and writers. I can judge only from a writer’s point, but I think that customers like us because our papers are 100% original, always. We love our job, and our customers see it.

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