Industrial Revolution: How It Happened And What It Has Changed

Industrial Revolution: How It Happened And What It Has Changed
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The second part of the eighteenth century was marked with the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. The milestone has started in Britain and spread all over the world, changing the usual flow of people’s life. We am going to discuss the effects and consequences of this period in an Industrial Revolution essay.

Textile industry was one of the most developed at that time, having a great number of people working within it and the highest output value. This field was run by the state as the most of the investments were put into it. Once the Industrial Revolution has started, textile industry began to change. New methods of production were introduced. Manual labor changed into mechanical. Thus, the productivity and efficiency of work was increased. The changes in textile industry gave an impetus to the development and growth of iron and chemical industries.

The revolution originated in the UK and later spread to the Western Europe and the USA. The fields of the country’s manufacture were influenced at different stages and time by the revolution. The thing is that lower classes of the society emerged only around 1840s due to a trickle-down effect of the revolution.

The implementation of new technologies gave a chance for families within textile industry to increase their productivity and receive higher income. Previously, all cotton spinning was done in home conditions having a limited number of consumers at the market.

The growth within the industry has led to the growth of living standards for people from different classes. It evoked a wave of migration of people from rural territories to cities. Thus, a number of cities has extended their territories, including Manchester, London, Boston. This process continues nowadays.

One more advantage of the Industrial Revolution is that it has increased international trade giving a chance to sell goods in abundance. Great Britain and the USA became even richer than before. Their military power has become stronger giving ability to run colonies and international trade.

On the other side, the Industrial Revolution has caused mass exploitation of people. Workers started to form unions to fight for their rights and respectful attitude towards them. The formation of unions and collective unities still can be seen today.

To sum up the Industrial Revolution essay, it was one of the biggest events in the human history that had tremendous effects on the future development of the mechanical industry worldwide. This is how modern industrial era started to develop.

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