Humor in Academic Papers

Humor in Academic Papers
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Knock, knock. Who’s there? Humor. Humor who? Humor in academic writing. Such an idea sounds rather weird, as we are used to thinking of academic writing as of something boring, full of dry facts and complex terms. Everyone knows how it feels when you read academic works and try not to fall asleep. Nevertheless, many students realize that their academic papers cause the same effect, which is quite frustrating. Is it possible to make your academic writing more interesting, giving your readers a break from terms and facts? Writing experts at have great experience in creating academic papers of any kind, and they know that sometimes, humor can help.

If you don’t have much time for jokes and laughs working on serious academic papers all the time, here’s a little reminder. Humor is aimed to create laughs or a sense of happiness by using unique and unexpected elements. It is a rhetorical instrument, which is often underestimated or considered unnecessary. However, the truth is that humor can be a perfect solution in case you need to connect ideas or get closer to your audience. The main thing is to understand how to use humor properly. Thus, we decided to provide you with some helpful tips.

Use funny quotes as examples

Make sure to use quotes that can actually make your audience laugh. In this case, you will establish a strong connection with your readers. Such quotes may help you at a pre-writing stage when you realize that you lack interesting ideas. In this case, sections that make you laugh can be a great starting point.

Use funny transitions

When moving from one point to another, the tone of your transitions can help you keep your audience engaged. For example, you may use hints or ironic tone so that your readers can guess what you’re going to talk about. Humor in transitions can also help you reinforce a point that you’ve described before while also preparing the audience for something new.

Experiment with the structure of your sentences

In academic writing, sentences are often quite complicated and long. In other words, even the very structure of sentences in academic writing may be quite boring. Try to add short sentences here and there to make the reading process easier. Short sentences can help you emphasize something important or add a commentary that will help your readers reflect on what you’ve said and take a break from complicated terms.

These are just three approaches that enable you to make your paper more interesting and entertaining for both you and your audience. The main thing is to use humor moderately, understanding where it’s appropriate and whether or not it will be appreciated by your readers.

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