How to Write an Outstanding Graduate School Acceptance Letter

How to Write an Outstanding Graduate School Acceptance Letter
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When you get to graduate school and get accepted to the program of your dreams, you may think that it’s time to pack your bags and your mission is accomplished. However, there is still a necessary step aimed to make sure that the school will be ready for you to come: you have to write an acceptance letter. You should persuade the admissions officers that you’re ready to attend. Otherwise, they may give your spot to somebody else. So, let’s read this article for expert advice on writing a graduate school acceptance letter at


Your applications were just the first step. No matter whether you’ve received multiple offers of admission or not, share the good news with your friends and family, and don’t forget to thank your teachers and people who prepared recommendation letters for you. You will need your professional and education contacts throughout your academic career.

Writing a Reply

Most often, grad programs notify applicants about acceptance or rejection by phone or email. However, sometimes, you may also receive a letter. No matter how you’ve been notified, don’t agree immediately, especially if you’ve received a phone call. Take your time and thank your professor. Don’t worry, your acceptance won’t be revoked if you delay it a little. Most programs allow students to think for a few days or even weeks to decide.

Once you’ve considered the available options, write your acceptance letter. If you’ve got a letter, you can also respond via mail, or you can write an email. Anyway, your response should be concise, respectful, and professional.

Before You Send the Letter

Your letter is no different from other types of important correspondence, so take your time and reread your email or letter before you send it. Make sure there are no grammar or spelling errors. When your acceptance letter is perfect, send it. We also recommend that you order professional editing and proofreading on

Keep in mind that when you accept an offer, you should also write a letter of decline to other programs. It must be concise, respectful, and direct.

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