How to Write an Essay on Philosophy of Education

How to Write an Essay on Philosophy of Education
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Most often, essays on the philosophy of education are aimed to explain the purpose of the philosophical basis of education. These are expository essays, however, this is not the only type of Philosophy of Education essays. Sometimes you may need to write a persuasive essay, presenting different points of view regarding a certain issue. College-Writers.Com is here to provide all the details about Philosophy of Education essays.

Philosophy of Education: What It Is

Philosophy of Education is a set of opinions and rules that serve as guidance for schools and teachers. The philosophy is intended to explain what education a certain school provides and what is its main purpose. The philosophy also considers the used methods and provides guidelines for the teachers’ behavior. It also clarifies what expectations teachers have to fulfill.

Philosophy of Education in the US

When writing an essay, you should provide examples and explain what philosophy of education exists in the US and how it is implemented here. You can review various philosophies related to education, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each philosophy.

We suggest covering five common philosophies of education so that your readers could understand that there is a variety of methods available. To get enough information on different philosophies of education, research this topic and write your outline while learning new facts. When you have the outline, it gets much easier to create a proper structure so that you can write the essay according to it.

Writing a Philosophy of Education Essay

Your essay should include the five most common educational philosophies, however, you shouldn’t start writing about them at the very beginning. Your essay should begin with an introductory paragraph. This paragraph should explain to your readers what they will learn from your essay. In addition, the introduction is where you present your thesis statement. The thesis statement is a concise version of the main point of your whole essay. You’ll also need to restate the thesis statement at the end of your essay.

The introduction should give your readers a reason to read the entire paper. If your first paragraph is interesting and engaging, the audience understands what to expect and continues to read.

Philosophy of Education Essay: Body Section

This is the main part of your essay where you develop your arguments and explain your claims. You should write one paragraph for each of your arguments, supporting your thesis statement. Don’t forget to support all your arguments with evidence, including statistics, quotes, studies, etc.

There’s no need to make the body of the essay too long. Usually, three paragraphs are good for this section, however, it may also be longer, if you have a lot to say. If you make the body of the essay longer, ask yourself, does the information you want to include add value to your paper? Make sure to follow your topic.

You should also make sure your paragraphs follow each other naturally, with smooth transitions. Your paper should be easy to read. Don’t forget that there are people with little to no philosophical background in your audience, and they also should be able to read your essay easily.

Philosophy of Education Essay: Conclusion

The concluding paragraph of your paper should summarize the whole paper and restate your thesis statement. However, make sure to rewrite your thesis statement so that it wouldn’t be a complete copy of what you’ve written in the introduction. Make your conclusion persuasive and try to impress your audience so they can remember your paper.

We suggest that you finish your essay and read it in two days. If you take a little break, it will be easier for you to spot mistakes and to check the overall structure and flow.

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