How to Write an Academic Paper on Ethics

How to Write an Academic Paper on Ethics
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A paper on ethics is a writing assignment that requires you to consider a certain ethical dilemma. You need to present your own point of view in a form of strong argument is based on research so that your readers can understand what you consider right or wrong. Writing experts at emphasize that you should try not to be too emotional and avoid any biased statements. Your paper should be logical, organized, and clear so that your readers will reconsider their own views on the subject.

Strong Thesis

Your thesis should explain your argument in a clear and concise form. Your readers should understand your position quickly. For example, if you say: “Some people steal because of the hard economic situation,” this thesis will be weak because your audience won’t understand what is your opinion regarding this issue. You should clearly explain what you consider acceptable or not, and also explain why do you think so.

Supporting Evidence

Consider your moral dilemma in details and explain the consequences of certain actions. For instance, you can support your thesis by providing arguments that address such aspects of the subject as human rights, equality, safety, benefits for others, fairness, etc. You should also explain what will happen if people ignore your opinion. Support your statement with survey results, medical information, research data, and valuable opinions from experts in the field. Keep in mind that religious beliefs cannot be considered a solid basis for any opinions. Papers on ethics should provide definitive answers that will persuade readers of any kind. Stick with rational arguments.

Opposing Points

You shouldn’t ignore the opposite opinion. For example, if you support a certain idea, make sure to address its disadvantages as well. For instance, if you say that parents can steal food if they need to feed their children, it also means that these children may grow up thinking of stealing as of something good. In addition, don’t forget to address the consequences of stealing for those who are stolen from.


We suggest that you stick with a step-by-step approach in order to provide a smooth flow of thoughts and to make your paper is to read. Make sure your arguments are not too complicated. Before you start writing your paper on ethics, prepare an outline with your main points listed in the necessary order. Your argument shouldn’t be based on contradictory information and shouldn’t include inconsistent claims.

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