How to Write a Good Topic Sentence

How to Write a Good Topic Sentence
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If you want to write a nice topic sentence, you should clearly understand its purpose. Topic sentences perform several functions. First, they summarize the key idea of a certain paragraph. It may also be the first sentence in the paragraph, and it is aimed to explain what is its main idea. In this short guide at we’ll explain how to write a good topic sentence without difficulties.

1. Start with a question
A topic sentence summarizes a paragraph, while your thesis statement summarizes the whole essay. Therefore, you should have a thesis statement before you get to writing topic sentences. The easiest way to understand what your thesis statement should look like is to figure out what question you’re going to answer with your paper.

2. Answer the question
Most students agree that writing a thesis statement is difficult, however, when you have the answer, it becomes an easy task. The thesis should clarify what your readers should learn, do, or what they should think about. Once you have the main question and the topic sentence, you’re ready to write topic sentences.

3. Write a list of reasons
If you write a five-paragraph essay, you should have at least three topic reasons, one for every paragraph of the body section. However, the more reasons you have, the better, since you can look at your list and select the best ideas.

4. Organize topic ideas
Think of how you can sort these topic ideas. How are they connected to each other? Does one of them lead to another idea? Which of them are the best ones? Get rid of bad topics and add some new topics if you get new ideas.

5. Use transition words
You should connect your ideas properly so that your essay will be easy to read and to understand. Transition sentences allow you to make your essay more logically connected and to improve its style. Thus, such words can also help you get a higher grade.
Here are some common transition words that will help you:
However, oftentimes, because, although, furthermore, sometimes, even though, additionally, consequently, on one hand… on the other hand, finally, nevertheless, unfortunately,moreover, in spite of, therefore.

6. Check the logic of your essay
Make sure all your arguments actually make sense. Do they sound persuasive? Are they logically correct?

7. Read your essay out loud
This is a great approach. Read your essay to your friends or just to yourself. You may also record yourself and then listen to the record. You may want to change some sentences that sound too complicated or don’t make sense.

8. Talk to somebody
Share your ideas with someone else, and you’ll certainly figure out how to make them even better. Of course, it’s good if you can talk to a professional editor or tutor, however, everyone’s feedback can be valuable. Talk to your friends or parents and ask them if they know any other facts that may support your arguments.

9. Rewrite
You can make your thesis sentence better if you summarize the key ideas. This method is also often called “Road Map.” We suggest that you rewrite your content as a road map after you complete the topic sentences.
While rewriting, you may realize that it helps you interpret your key ideas in a new way, therefore helping you understand the connection between them.

Thesis vs. Topic Sentence

The thesis statement is, basically, the most general topic sentence for the entire essay. Therefore, it makes sense to write topic sentences when you already have the thesis statement. The organized list of topic sentences is a simple outline for your essay.

The main difference between these two is that you can have only one thesis statement at the beginning of your essay and many topic sentences, one per paragraph. The thesis statement may explain what your topic sentences will be about, while topic sentences may provide details about your thesis statement.

Final Thoughts

Your thesis statement should be specific, clear, and persuasive. Make sure your arguments are not obvious but interesting and unique. Use transition words and make your writing more vivid by using adjectives, adverbs, and various verbs. We also suggest that you write the most interesting idea as the last topic sentence.

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