How to Write a DARE Essay

How to Write a DARE Essay
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DARE essays are not difficult to write if you are able to conduct research and have the necessary knowledge. You may also benefit from mentioning your personal experiences. Here are some tips from to help you write a DARE essay.

1. Determine the central idea of your essay

DARE stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education, and such classes are aimed to warn kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. DARE classes inform students about the impact that alcohol and drugs can have on their lives and careers. Think about it when figuring out the main message of your essay. A personal story is a good option.

2. Check your DARE materials

Make sure to read all booklets, handouts, and sheets before you start to write your essay. Note or highlight the most important facts that you can include in your paper.

3. Do your research

Think of how alcohol and drugs have impacted your life or lives of people you know. Search for additional information on the internet. Don’t forget to include references to any sources that you use. Personal references may help you quickly grab your readers’ attention and illustrate your ideas. If you know somebody who has suffered from alcohol or drug addiction, it can be a good story. Your DARE essay will certainly benefit from any real-life examples.

4. Prepare an outline

Before you start to work on your first draft, prepare an outline. The outline will help you organize your thoughts and plan the structure of your essay in advance. You can jot down the key points and the structure of your essay on a sheet of paper and follow it while writing the essay.

5. Avoid distractions

When writing, avoid distractions. Focus on the draft. Start by writing a title, and then write an introductory paragraph with your main idea. The other paragraphs should support your main idea. You also should write a strong conclusion so that your readers can clearly understand your message. Don’t be afraid to make your essay personal. DARE essays allow you to express your emotions and to focus on your experiences. Think of what you feel about the issue of drug and alcohol abuse, and what this problem means to you.

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