How to Write a Case Study Analysis

How to Write a Case Study Analysis
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A case study analysis should focus on a particular business problem, propose the best solution supported by evidence, and address the alternative solutions. Experts from College Writers service hope that this article will help you write a good case study analysis.

First and foremost, you need to prepare the case.

1. Read the case and examine it. Jot down the most important facts and problems.

2. Analyze

  • Identify 2-5 main problems
  • What caused these problems?
  • How do these problems impact the company?
  • Who is responsible?

3. Describe possible solutions. You may research the problems or use your experience.

4. Choose the best solution. Support your point with evidence, address all the pros and cons. Make sure that your solution is realistic.

Draft the Case

Once you’ve got all the necessary information, draft your analysis. The structure of your analysis may vary depending on the specifics of your assignment, however, here are the most important sections:

1. Introduction

  • Define the key problems of the case study
  • Come up with a thesis statement, briefly summarizing your analysis in 1-2 sentences.

2. Background

  • Provide the necessary background information
  • Demonstrate your understanding of the problems and knowledge of the subject

3. Evaluate the case

  • Outline the parts of the case study that you’re going to address
  • Evaluate these parts in terms of effectiveness
  • Explain why some parts are not working as intended

4. Propose solutions

  • Provide your realistic solutions
  • Explain why you think that your solutions will work
  • Support your solutions with evidence:
    • Outside research
    • Lectures, readings, or discussions from class
    • Your experience

5. Recommendations

  • Discuss specific methods that can help solve the problem
  • Suggest further actions if necessary
  • Explain what should be done and who should do it

Finalize the Case

When your first draft is ready, read it and make sure that it has the right structure and is consistent. Your thesis statement should be clear, specific, and supported by solid evidence. Make sure your analysis isn’t missing any important components. Finally, proofread your analysis and submit it.

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