How to Write a Book Report

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A book report is a relatively simple task. You don’t need to dig deep into analysis of the text. Instead, this essay type focuses on facts and objective experience. Thus, if a student wants to write a good report, he or she must get acquainted with the book and the author’s background. Such an essay must consider the content as well as the history of the book and author’s biography. It must explain readers in what conditions the book was written and also provide them with the concise summary of the content, such as its setting, plot, key characters, and climax. Papers of this kind may include quotations, in case they are relevant. In fact, these are all necessary parts of a book report. If a student is familiar with these basics, one won’t face any difficulties during the writing process.

Secrets of a Good Book Review

The important thing to know about book reviews is that, unlike reports, they don’t involve writing a summary of the content or retelling key points of the plot. Even though reviews may include brief elements of a report, their main purpose is the analysis of the author’s intention, symbolism, the value and the historical significance of the book, as well as its historical context. Additionally, a personal opinion is the backbone of book review writing. Students have to express fresh ideas and provide a new, unique perspective. Thus, papers of this kind require a strong thesis statement determined by personal preferences.

Here is a simple structure that might help in writing a book review:

  • An introduction begins with a concise explanation of the context of the book. After this, it focuses on a personal impression and a general idea of the paper.
  • Next paragraph is devoted to basic details, such as the author, the title of the book, and important facts.
  • Another paragraph contains a summary, providing a description of the structure and considering the content of each part separately. Most of all, this paragraph is focused on evaluation.
  • Critique/evaluation part is the most important section of a book review. A strong and concise thesis underlies the central part of the paper, providing a personal opinion. Reviews cannot be neutral because a writer must express his or her opinion. This section also addresses strong and weak sides of the book, comparing it to other books and building analogies.
  • A conclusion represents a brief summary of the impression. Starting from the personal opinion, it develops the thesis statement towards more general ideas. This part of a book review must estimate the book as a whole, pointing out its cultural value and contribution.

By following such a simple structure, students are able to write a book review easily and fast, understanding crucial features of the writing process.

How to Write a Book Critique

Such terms as “book critique” and “book review” are often used in the same context because their purposes are quite similar. Both these types of papers are aimed to provide an analysis of the writing methods used in the book and its content. On the other hand, their main purposes differ. The critique focuses mostly on style and writing techniques, while the review must provide a personal opinion and evaluation. The reviews and the critique are built according to the same structure, so those who are familiar with book review writing are already prepared for such a kind of assignment. Usually, writing a critique is required for non-fiction books. It implies the evaluation of the used devices (methods of analysis, grammar, style, tone, structure, sources), also providing certain suggestions on how the book may have been written in another way.

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