How to Revise and Edit Your Essay

How to Revise and Edit Your Essay
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Sometimes when your essay is already completed, it is hard to tell if there are any mistakes left. And it’s not about grammar or punctuation only. Messed line of thought and tautology can spoil the image of your writing piece as well. At this point, it would be better for you to learn how to revise and edit your essay correctly.

A well-written essay is engaging, interesting and easy-to-read. To understand the plot and the topic disclosure, the reader does not have to puzzle it all out but simply follow the structured narration.

To prevent further difficulties consider the guidelines below before writing:

  • make a plan;
  • use a 5-paragraph essay structure:
    ⊗ introduction
    ⊗ 3-paragraph body
    ⊗ conclusion
  • use bullets to emphasize the key points;
  • write a draft first;
  • be attentive, follow your plan consistently;
  • go over each sentence/paragraph after it’s completed;
  • try to eliminate mistakes in the beginning.

After your final draft is ready, it’s time to make corrections.

How to revise your essay

Revision means eliminating mistakes and making stylistic corrections. Look through your essay and try to find mistakes that meet your eye first of all. Then read your essay attentively, find phrases, which seem weird or confusing and try to make them sound simpler. Don’t forget to follow mistakes. Read your essay aloud several times. If everything sounds good to you, it’s time to lay the essay aside and have a break. The next part of your job is editing.

It’s very important to take a rest before you start revising and editing your essay. Make a switch to any other activity, drink a cup of tea, go outside or just rest for about fifteen minutes with your eyes closed. Let your brain reload – that’s what it’s all about.

How to edit your essay

Now when you are refreshed, take your paper and read it aloud again. Your goal is to ensure that the essay sounds perfectly well for understanding. All grammar mistakes are to have been corrected previously at the stage of revision. If you have some new thoughts on the topic matter, rewrite where it’s needed, make additions. But don’t forget to revise the new parts and check if there are any mistakes now.

To ensure that you essay is good enough, you may ask someone of your family or friends to read it and share his or her opinion. By using other person’s point of view, you can make significant improvements to the plot of your essay.

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