How to Pick an Essay Topic

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Sometimes it is even harder to choose the right topic for an essay than to write the essay itself. When you have got a particular issue to discuss, you aim at one specific direction and start exploring it. But when your choice is free, it may seem to be a challenge.

The main reason why selecting a topic appears to be a tough decision is the lack of self-trust. One can consider his or her ideas irrelevant or too trivial. One can also find himself unable to cover the theme appropriately. Some people used to either not share their opinion or to not talk at all. Modesty kills our creativity.

Below are some tips on how to choose the right topic for your essay:

  • think of anything that matches your interest. An essay reflects your personal persuasion. You can write about anything you like. It is a well-known fact that the most successful people do only what they really love to do. If you are a football fan or a keen traveler, or a person are interested in music, write about it in your essay. It will be entertaining for you to work on such a topic, meanwhile your audience will love to read a piece written with enthusiasm.
  • refer to something you know about. Sharing knowledge and experience is always highly-praised, especially if it is quite unique.
  • use brain storming techniques. Take a sheet of paper and write down as many topics or statements as you can. Do not get puzzled as to what to write, just note everything that comes to your mind first. Later when the list is done, you will surely find at least one good idea or combine several of them in one.
  • look round. Remember you may write about anything. If your imagination is absolutely blank, find an object of interest or events that are taking place around you. Look out of your window and you may notice that something interesting is happening outside.
  • search online. The Internet is huge. There is a large amount of information waiting for you. You can simply find a list of various topics that suit any taste.
  • make a research. Study recent news and find the latest. Read it and write down your comments.

Picking the right topic may be difficult but do not go making a tragedy out of it. Do not try to idealize; in most cases, mediocrity is required.

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