How to Find a Reliable Writing Service

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If you want to make sure that some service will help you with your academic writings, EssayScam suggests you checking it and searching for feedback. Visit EssaySacm Forum, and search for the name of the website. Check its domain name and include the domain suffix (.com, .net, .org, etc.) Enter the name of the website into the search box, and enter it both with and without spaces. For example, if you’re looking for the website called, search for “BestCollegeEssays” and “Best College Essays”. Select “Messages” in the “Where” drop-down menu, and apply necessary filters.

If you cannot find a website on the forum, check pages devoted to the recommended services and writers. There are many trusted websites and freelances which are considered reliable by many students. We also suggest checking EssayAds, EssayDirectory, and EssayChat. Don’t forget to share your experience with others!

Don’t Trust Fake Reviews

If you have ever googled such keywords as “best writing services”, “best academic writing websites” and so on, you may have noticed that most of the reviews look suspicious. It’s no surprise that many dishonest services have a bunch of fake reviews.

Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t rely on review websites:

  1. Most of such websites belong to foreign companies that own a lot of similar websites, so they are not interested to create a conflict of interest.
  2. Ratings on such websites are fake. Don’t trust these rates, stars, and points given by fake customers.
  3. Most of such reviews are written by freelancers who work for these services.
  4. You would unlikely find mentions of such websites on other sources.
  5. Most of the ratings include no specific information on a business name of the company and its location, because these rating services are based in other countries, where almost nobody cares about copyright laws.

What is EssayScam?

This service used to be an academic research service. Now it’s focused on helping students and freelance writers by discussing writing services, writers, and clients. Their agenda is to help writers improve their performance, and provide students with useful information on how various services work.

Are People from the Forum Real?

The only information about forum visitors that they have is their IP addresses and emails. Thus, they cannot guarantee that each one of them is real, since both IP addresses and emails can be fake. At the same time, they claim to make sure that everybody who posts on forums follows rules and disclaimers.

Do You Allow People to Post Positive Feedbacks?

Of course, they claim that they do. But they don’t allow people to post advertisements, either in the simple form or written as a feedback. Their moderators check all posts, and  main criterion is that the poster provides useful information, not just good words about some service.

What Do Others think About EssayScam?

  • EssayScam provides a wide range of reliable services.
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  • It’s the first website that broke taboos about discussing plagiarism.
  • Most of criticism on EssayScam is funny, but it’s true though.
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  • I can’t decide if EssayScam is depressing or fascinating.
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  • Finally, I found a good writer on this forum.
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  • Thanks to EssayScam, I stopped working with suspicious services.
  • I found a lot of good friends here!
  • There are many active members on the EssayScam forum.
  • Now I know that I’m not the only victim of scammers.
  • EssayScam websites are completely safe to browse.
  • No service or writer is perfect, so EssayScam may include you in the “bad writers” list.
  • I’ve seen websites that copy EssayScam content.
  • EssayScam is like a watchdog – it will chase down any bad writer.
  • No matter what people say, EssayScam is highly valuable, it’s a gem.
  • Your American site is about nothing, you have no authority or legitimacy.
  • I check every new source here to find out whether it’s reliable or not.
  • EssayScam is really helpful, there are many useful comments.
  • My friend sent me a link to EssayWatch website, and it points to this website.
  • Reading EssayScam forum is a great experience!

I’m a Professional Writer. Am I Allowed to Promote my Service Here?

You cannot promote your business, but you can create a Freelance Writer Profile. If you actively participate in forum discussions, your name will appear on Freelance Writers page. Check the “Info” link in your profile for more information.

Do You Want to Discredit Academic Writing Services?

They claim that they don’t want to discredit nor promote any writing service, author, or organization. They just want writers, students, and services to participate in discussions and share information with each other. ES doesn’t allow discrimination against any institution, writer, or company. They are always open to new feedbacks. Moreover, ES understands that some writers and companies don’t have enough time to participate in the forum, so they even created the “Do Not Discuss” list. This will help you stop some members from discussing your business.

Do You Have any Affiliated Commercial Websites Included in the “Do Not Discuss” List?

No, they don’t, because ES believes that free discussion is the best way to improve writing services. They want people to post both positive and negative reviews because it allows users to assess the work of any website accurately. We understand that creating a complicated professional system of reviews is a difficult task which requires a lot of money. But they created this forum which can help students for free.

Why Is There So Many Negative Comments?

If somebody posts a negative feedback, it’s about his or her responsibility. They just filter posts that don’t meet their requirements or break rules of the forum. They cannot change the way of thinking of people who post here, so they suggest considering all posts as “alleged facts” rather than a face value.


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