How to Explain a Concept in an Essay

How to Explain a Concept in an Essay
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Sometimes, students have to write essays that explain a concept. This task can be difficult because you must be interested in a concept to explain it properly. We recommend that you choose a topic that you’re passionate about and feel comfortable with. However, you may also write about an unfamiliar subject that you want to learn more about. Check out these writing tips from College Writers.

Research Your Topic and Narrow It Down

When you know exactly what you’re going to write about, you should do your research and find the necessary information so that you can back up your claims with some evidence and quotes. Some concepts may be too broad. For example, love and hate are quite difficult topics because you need a more narrow idea to create a well-focused essay. We recommend that you select one aspect of a complex concept. For example, if you want to write about poverty, you can focus on a particular social group affected by poverty.

Introduce Your Topic

When writing an essay, you must introduce your topic and make your readers interested in the concept that you’re going to explain. For example, if your essay will be emotional, you may try to evoke a relevant emotion. You may also ask a question that your audience should consider or tell a personal story. You need to introduce your topic at the beginning of the introductory section. At the end of the introduction, you need to present your thesis statement. It will be your main argument that will serve as the basis for the entire essay. For example, if you write about the impact of poverty on college students, your thesis statement may focus on the students’ self-esteem and the way poverty affects their performance.

Write the Body

Most often, students have to write at least three paragraphs in the body section of their essays. Each one of these paragraphs must focus on a particular aspect of the topic. Use your research data to back up your claims. For example, when writing about poverty, you can present some statistical data. Sometimes, you may also use your personal experience to illustrate the topic. Begin every body paragraph with a topic sentence and then get more specific by considering the topic of this paragraph in more detail. All the body paragraphs should also have their own conclusions that summarize the content of the paragraph. Make sure that all the information that you present in the body of your essay is directly related to your thesis statement.

Wrap It Up

The last paragraph of your essay must summarize the entire paper and its main points. You should also reiterate your thesis statement and use the conclusion as an opportunity to connect with your readers and make them think about the topic. We also recommend that you explain how your evidence supports or proves the thesis statement. You can also use the conclusion to make suggestions so that your readers can understand how the problem can be solved or how the situation can be improved.

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