How to Avoid Tired and Overused Words

How to Avoid Tired and Overused Words
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When writing a term paper, essay, or report, you should express your thoughts clearly and vividly. For example, you won’t be able to write an interesting report if you only say that the book was interesting. Even the term papers shouldn’t be boring. When your readers only see dry facts, they can get tired. To keep your readers engaged, we recommend that you replace some boring words with interesting alternatives. Here are some practical tips from our expert writers at

If you try to use a more diverse language, you will be surprised by your own vocabulary. Perhaps, you know many more words than you actually use when writing. The right word choice allows your readers to feel your personality. You may have noticed that different people choose different phrases and words. Your readers can also understand your personal style from your writing.

Instead of trying to look smart by using long and complex words, just find words that fit your writing style. When you read something, highlight words that look interesting to you and think of how you can use them in your writing. This is the simplest and the most effective way to improve your vocabulary and to make your writing more engaging.

For example, instead of writing that a book was interesting, you can say that it contained fascinating facts, or that the book was captivating. Keep in mind that your teacher reads many papers all the time so try to make your works special. A proper word choice can make you stand out.

Overused and Boring Words

Some words are not specific enough, others are specific but boring or overused. Of course, it would be impossible to avoid these words all the time, but quite often, you can replace them with more interesting alternatives. Here are some of the most overused words:

Awesome, big, nice, fine, amazing, look, really, said, awfully, well, quite, so, bad, happy, interesting, good, well, very, great.

Here are some words that you can use instead:

Motivating, distinguished, absorbing, questionable, intuitive, empowering, compelling, predictable, novel, bold, irrelevant, avid, candid, dubious.

When writing a paper, you may find yourself using the same words again and again. When providing specific information, it may be difficult to express your ideas using different words. If you want to avoid overused words, don’t hesitate to use a thesaurus.

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