How Essay Writing can be Useful in the Real Life

How Essay Writing can be Useful in the Real Life
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Maybe you don’t want to admit it, but essay writing is a really important thing. This task implies a lot of difficulties, but we think that skills that it helps you to develop are worth effort and time. We think that essay writing helps in achieving goals, and you may benefit from having such a skill, even though you still may not love writing boring essays.

Why Essay Writing is Useful

So, what we know about essay writing? It’s stressful, it takes a lot of time, and it hides many difficulties. However, some people argue that it may be quite useful for everybody, so let’s find out how students can benefit from developing such a writing skill.

  1. It teaches you to think logically. If you have written essays, you may have noticed that reasoning is probably the most complicated part of such a task. Maybe your conclusions seem to be pretty obvious to you, but you cannot just make a statement without supporting it with some logical arguments that will prove your point.

Even if this fact is the main reason why you hate writing essays, it is quite useful for you though. You learn how to express your thoughts in a logical way, which makes all your claims easy to understand and to accept. Next time, when somebody tries to convince you that pizza is better than burgers, you’ll be able to find strong arguments, instead of just saying “no, you’re wrong”.

  1. It helps you dig deep into the problem. Many people confuse causations with correlations. You may have heard a lot of such opinions, for example, “vaccines cause brain damage”, “climate change is a fake”, “mobile phones cause cancer”, and so on. The reason for such sayings is that people love to take information without analyzing it, which sometimes may lead to considerable negative consequences.

Working on essays and researches, you get used to analyzing data and improve your critical thinking. Making researches, you also have to work with primary data, and draw your own conclusions. Such a skill is really useful in the real life, because when you hear some rumors or conspiracy theories, you can check the information and develop your own point (just be careful, because the Illuminati are watching you).

  1. It improves your willpower. Check out any motivational training or article about self-improvement, and you’ll see that willpower is one of the most common words. Some people claim that you have to estimate your possibilities and spend your willpower wisely. Others claim that it’s an endless resource, and you can do everything if you want it. However, most of us agree that willpower can be improved, and the best way to do it is doing things that you may not like.

Experience of hundreds of successful people teaches us that motivation is good, but even if you don’t have any motivation, you can do your job, and do it well. You need the least motivation to just get started, and then – the more you do, the easier is your task. You will see results of your work, and you’ll be pleased to know that you are able to control yourself and success even in something that looks not interesting to you.

Where Academic Writing is Needed

The theory is nice and good, but what about real examples from the real life? Where can essay writing skills help you? If now you think about graduation speeches and job applications, then you’re definitely right, but we are going to talk about regular things where you can benefit from your writing skills for sure.


Is somebody wrong on Facebook? You are trying your best to explain why they are wrong, and you are right? Just bring some proven sources and give them detailed information. Do it in a logical and persuasive way and you will see how your sneaky opponents hide behind their screens and sit quiet, feeling shame. Just make sure that Facebook battles aren’t the only way you apply your academic skills, because you’re certainly worth something better.


Sometimes you feel that it’s time to tell people your heartbreaking story of how your dog died when you were a kid. Tumblr is a perfect place to do it, and here you can use your advanced essay writing skills. Express your emotions, create a narrative structure, use your creativity – essay writing can teach you all these things, and gives you a great practice in narrative writing. You’ll be sure that your readers cry and see your memories as their own.


Well, the school year is over, and you’re searching for top 10 ideas how to burn your laptop in the most spectacular way? Or maybe you’re searching for the picture of your favorite disco-band performing their first gig in the underground club? Anyway, these all tasks are researches, and it’s better to know how to conduct researches properly. If you’re writing about Watergate scandal and google “deep throat” to find some data on the secret informant, you may see not exactly what you’ve been looking for. When you know principles of researching, you’ll know which keywords will provide you with necessary data.


Here you have to be brief, persuasive and specific. It’s not an easy task if you want to write the best tweet that will fly retweeted by thousands of profiles. College teaches you how to make it easy. Practicing in essay writing, you get all necessary skills to write sharp and catchy sentences. Maybe you’ll become a new internet legend, who knows? If you thought that just writing tweets, without any academic background is all that you need, we feel a little disappointed, really.


This kind of activity is based on your ability to write well. What we mean when we say “good writing”? If you want your blog to become popular, your content must be original and interesting. Along with that, you have to develop your own style, sense of humor – work on everything that makes your content different from any other typical blog. All these things won’t sound strange to you in case you write essays. Don’t forget to find a specific topic that will be a reason why people check your blog daily and share your posts.

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