Four Types of Sentences and How to Use Them

Four Types of Sentences and How to Use Them
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It’s impossible to learn a language without paying particular attention to punctuation and structure. These things help you communicate your message clearly so that everyone can understand you. You should properly choose phrases and words, sticking with the right tone. If you don’t know the difference between common types of sentences and rules of punctuation, you may experience difficulties trying to write down your thoughts.

There are four types of sentences: statements (declarative sentences), questions (interrogative sentences), commands (imperative sentences), and exclamations (exclamatory sentences). Check out this quick guide at to learn more about different types of sentences.

1. Statements/Declarative Sentences

This structure is informative. It states certain information and can help you provide an opinion or facts. Declarative sentences are the most popular and they prevail in academic writing. Such sentences always end with a full stop.

2. Exclamatory Sentences

This type of sentence is used to express strong emotions or feelings. No matter whether you’re happy or angry about something, you can use an exclamatory sentence. These sentences always end with an exclamation point.

3. Commands/Imperative Sentences

These sentences are a perfect choice if you need to provide instructions or demands. Usually, such sentences end with a full stop. However, you may also use an exclamation point to point out the importance of a particular instruction.

4. Questions/Interrogative Sentences

Every time you ask a question, you use an interrogative sentence. Such sentences always have a question mark at the end. Besides, such sentences contain words like “when,” “why,” “where,” “do,” “who,” or “how.”

How to Use Different Types of Sentences

The declarative type allows you to set the purpose and direction of your writing. It helps your readers better understand the topic and provides information. Such sentences are used in creative writing, including literary analysis essays. However, they are also used in many kinds of formal writing. A simple declarative structure is great when you need to provide facts in a simple and effective way.

Exclamatory sentences are necessary if you want to convey feelings and emotions. Such sentences are popular in creative writing, blog posts, and other types of writing where emotions are important. However, this sentence type also requires you to be careful.  Make sure not to overuse it. We recommend that you only include exclamatory sentences when you really need them. Otherwise, your writing might look unprofessional.

When providing instructions or commands, use imperative sentences. They will help you if you want readers to act based on your suggestions. You may simply state commands or make such sentences more polite by adding such words as “please” and “just.”

As we’ve already mentioned above, you should use interrogative sentences when asking questions. Direct questions will help you communicate your questions clearly. However, sometimes, you may replace direct questions with statements. For instance, you might say “I was wondering if you can help me” instead of “Can you help me?”

The proper use of these four types of sentences allows you to make your writing less monotonous and more effective. The same types of sentences can be used in poetry. However, in this case, we recommend that you don’t forget about poem punctuation. Interrogative sentences allow you to add some depth to your story. You can combine sentences of different kinds in one paragraph to create an engaging flow.

No matter whether you’re working on a formal document, fiction book, or analytical essay, you should know the difference between different types of sentences and when to use them. For instance, we suggest that you don’t use exclamatory sentences in academic papers and scientific works.

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