Essay Topic Selection Tips

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A good essay topic, as a fundamental statement, is a half way to a successful writing piece. It reveals the concept and the guiding idea of your work. At the same time, it is a prerequisite that a reader will like your essay, will be engaged into the pointed problems and will have a positive impression about you as a writer.

But no matter how boundless our imagination is, sometimes it is very hard to make our brain generate ideas when it seems blank. You may be too tired or too agitated. As a result, you may not feel like doing anything, especially if it’s related to mental activity.

Until you get rid of the inner exhaustion, it all is out of the question how to choose the right topic for your essay. Your brain is not a sponge and you cannot just screw ideas out of it like water. That’s why to get your thoughts together and let your mind operate properly, the first thing you should do is calm down and let your creativity reign.

Try to relax. Begin with your muscles. As soon as they are put at ease, your mind will become clearer and clearer. Without doing so, you will not be able to think out anything. Breeze more deeply and feel the energy running through your veins.

When you have relaxed and settled your nerves, start to think over your future essay or do the following:

  • what you are interested in; what makes you excited and takes minimum effort for you to work on; try to imagine your perfect ego and keep your mind on it. Usually the things people do best are those they really love. Think of the events or activities you are fond of and try to make some notes. A good topic will appear on its own. Your interests are the topic of discussion.
  • look out of your window, there is a great and magnificent world out there. Keep watching for what is going on around or imagine things that could happen. While watching, make some spontaneous notes. It all may suggest you the idea for your topic.
  • search online. The Internet is as limitless as the universe. Sometimes it may seem even bigger. Make a research of the current news and events. There are surely lots of them worth writing about.

All of the above mentioned are not rules but generalizations, which usually work. Referring to the definition of an essay you see that it stands for an author’s opinion, an individual point of view concerning various issues. It means you can write about anything. Just come up with your idea, your attitude, be strict, consistent and do not argue round and round the subject.

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