Essay on Religion: Helpful Tips

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Religion has always been a sensitive issue, but at the same time, it’s very interesting, since religion existed from the very beginning of human civilization. Ancient people haven’t all the scientific knowledge that we have now, so they’ve been trying to explain the nature with fantastic theories. Not only students of religious disciplines have to write about religion, but also those who study literature, and sociology. One of the most complicated areas is the philosophy of religion, since you have to be familiar not only with a certain religion, but also with philosophy. Essays on such topic must reflect your personal opinion, at the same time providing readers with background information and general terms. Good essays are written according to a proper structure; they are coherent and contain accurate analytical data. Don’t try to make an essay too complicated, since this type of work is quite different from abstract. An essay must help the professor assess your ability to prove your claims. You also have to explain your point clearly and briefly. Often students write about religion and morality, since these two topics are somewhat related, and they give students a chance to demonstrate their knowledge of both these things.

The Proper Structure

  1. Start with the introduction. It must begin with a controversial or really interesting argument. Grab your readers’ attention before you introduce your thesis statement. You may also need to write some background information, to make sure your readers understand the topic.
  2. Develop your line of thoughts. Your thesis must be supported by strong arguments. We suggest writing about five arguments, sorting them from the weakest to the strongest one. Make sure that arguments are directly related to the topic so that your readers would be focused, thinking with you about such an issue.
  3. The conclusion is very important, since it makes your readers think about your essay afterward. Here you have to remind them your thesis statement, and your strongest points. Don’t make it too long; let your conclusions be the same as the introduction.

Additional Tips

Choose one topic and write about it. You don’t have to write a huge work on a broad topic. Choose a narrow topic and say as much as you can about it. Make sure that your arguments are strong and logical. The truth is that we never take into account thoughts that are not proved. Make your text interesting and show your writing skills: make transitions between paragraphs, use synonyms, repetition, deixis, etc. Use only relevant sources, and note that encyclopedias are not the best sources for your essay. Take your time and study various books and articles devoted to your particular subject. We suggest proofreading all papers, because grammar and syntactic mistakes are the most common problem which is a reason why many students get low grades.

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