Essay on Conflict – Example

Essay on Conflict – Example
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Conflicts are everywhere, and sometimes it’s hard to overcome communication problems. According to statistics, everyone faces several conflicts every day. You may argue with your family, colleague or neighbors, you never know where or when this will happen.

Usually conflicts have a significant impact on other parts of our lives. For example, after a quarrel with family, we show less productivity at work. However, we think that consequences of conflicts may vary depending on your personal attitude about it. Sometimes it’s enough to observe a particular situation in perspective. History knows a lot of situations where conflicts between parties or other government structures led to wars and revolutions.

Conflicts caused a lot of problems for all countries and even business structures. Due to conflicts, some companies reached a peak of success or became broken.

Usually, when we’re talking about conflicts, we mean feud and rivalry. But we shouldn’t forget that, first of all, conflict is a kind of competition. Sometimes conflicts help us unfold our core strengths, in order to prove that our opponents are wrong. Some conflicts stimulate our productivity and unite the team against common challenges. Thus, writing an essay about conflicts, we should consider both sides of such an issue. Among the main features of this topic, we need to consider the following ones:

  • Facts
  • Goals that can lead to conflicts, which is especially important for business
  • Process: sometimes conflict about used methods can push people towards finding new approaches

However, everyone understands how important it is to avoid conflicts, if it’s possible. Some conflicts may completely exclude compromises and make two sides hate each other. There is a conflict even about what a conflict is. Some people consider such an issue a serious problem, even though it’s almost impossible to live at least one day without conflicts. Sometimes everybody needs to take decisions that will affect many people, so there always will be somebody who disagree with such decisions. This is where the positive side of the conflict becomes obvious: conflicts force us to search for new solutions that will be accepted by everyone.

Finding a perfect solution is worth considering who each particular conflict is between, how deep it is and what consequences it can lead to. There is no universal solution for all conflicts. Every situation implies searching for individual strategy. We must consider competitive aspect of conflicts to determine the key interests of both sides and so to find a compromise.

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