Essay about Photography: Features of Formatting and Writing

Essay about Photography: Features of Formatting and Writing
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You may have many ideas about photography, until it comes to writing an essay. To simplify such a task, we collected some tips for you.

First of all, you need to make a research, analyzing relevant sources and studying this topic as deep as you can. As for topics, we have a few suggestions for you.

  • The rule of thirds and the rule of thumb. Great shots were made adhering to these rules. Consider them and write a few examples of using.
  • Camera angles. It’s a perfect topic for your paper, because there are a lot of things to write about. Explain which angles are best for portraits, landscapes and so on.
  • Camera movements and how to avoid this problem.
  • Rules of proper caption writing. It’s an important question, so you can write about it, explaining your point.
  • Different types of landscapes and how to work with them: hills, valleys and so on. You may use medium or long shots, choose different optical devices.

What to Write about Photography

Some things about photography are more or less obvious, so we made a short guide for you. You can use it drawing up the outline of your essay and follow this scheme further.

  • Photography reflects the experience
  • Unlike pictures, photography captures the exact experience. You must take it into account and use it in your essay writing. Your text shouldn’t be dry and boring – share your personal experiences related to the photography, make your essay vivid.
  • Try to recall things that happened. Remember your moments of joy and happiness, write about them just like if they happen right now, make your readers feel what you feel.
  • Correct captions
  • You may want to illustrate your paper with photos, but if you won’t add correct captions, it will only make worse.
  • Never write obvious captions, such as “a woman standing on a bridge”, because your readers see this picture, the woman and the bridge. Don’t repeat yourself.
  • Try to focus on what is not visible on the photo. If it’s a photo of a certain event, pay your attention to the background of the event, your goal is to express the situation on the photo with maximum details.
  • You need to name people from the photo in the right way. If you think that you can just simply write “from left to right” or so, then you’re wrong. Correct naming requires skills and understanding of specific rules.
  • Naming people, think about the prominence of each person. If there is a president, you need to name him or her first, no matter where the president stands on the photo. In other cases you can name “from left…”, but you don’t need to include “…to right” then.
  • Quotes and context
  • Never write quotes out of the context, it’s the worst thing you can do. If you add a photo, make sure that this photo is related to your topic or your claims.
  • Try to not add too many photos. Your essay is not a gallery of images, so make sure that pictures serve as illustrations for text, and not vice versa.

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