Compare And Contrast Essay: How To Write And What To Write About

Compare And Contrast Essay: How To Write And What To Write About
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Sooner or later, each student faces this task. Perhaps, right now you are thinking over the question how to write my essay. In this case, it’s worthwhile to analyze the basic principles of this essay.

How to start a compare and contrast essay? First of all, you will have to study each subject in detail. Only then you will be able to describe all possible points of view, and compare two subjects by defining common features or differences. To prepare for the writing, you can make a diagram. Draw two intersecting circles. In the first circle, describe everything that you want to say about the first subject. In the second circle, highlight the features of another. Ask yourself if these topics have something in common. If so, write down these thoughts in the intersection of two circles.


As with other types of essays, this type of college writing requires you to build the right structure. The essay should begin with a general description of your thesis, but in case of comparison, it’s quite difficult. Don’t write that the purpose of your essay is to compare two phenomena (books, services, etc.). This is understandable from the very task.

Write about what inspired you to conduct this comparative analysis, why you consider the comparison of these two subjects relevant.

After the introduction, divide the text of your essay into three logical parts. Tell about the first subject, then about the second one. In the third part, analyze both subjects. Tell what they have in common, how they differ, what advantages any subject has.

How to Write an Essay Conclusion

At this stage, don’t add any new thoughts and arguments. Summarize your analysis and make sure that your idea is understandable and complete. Anyway, if you are not sure, and you are tormented by the question how to write my essay, you can always get quality essay help from our qualified writers.

Best Topics for Compare and Contrast Essay

  1. Changing Traditional Education to Online
  2. Saving Environment: Paper over Plastic
  3. Socialism and Capitalism: Which is better to live?
  4. The New Is The Long-Forgotten Old
  5. What Poetry and Prose Mean
  6. Choosing A Pet: Dogs vs Cats
  7. Online and Offline Mass Media
  8. Better Way To Pay: Cash or Credit Card
  9. Comedy and Drama
  10. Entering The Market: Stock or Bond?

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