College Fair: Questions You Should Ask

College Fair: Questions You Should Ask
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When students choose a college to continue their education, they often realize that the number of options is overwhelming and making a choice turns out to be not an easy task. For instance, students may have a hard time trying to get all the necessary information about a particular school. Besides, there are always many people who want you to change your mind. An effective way to make an informed decision based on all the pros and cons is to attend a college fair.

Various schools may come to your city or town to participate in a college fair. They provide high school students with the necessary information so that you can learn everything you want to know and decide whether you want to choose one college or another. However, to make the right decision, you should know what questions to ask. Fortunately, is here to help you. Here are some tips from professionals.

Admission Requirements

When attending a college fair, you can find numerous information booths from different schools. The first thing you should learn is the admission requirements because this way, you will quickly understand what schools you shouldn’t consider as options. Thus, you should ask about the average ACT/SAT scores, GPA requirements, etc. If you’re satisfied with the answers, you can ask more questions.

Applicants and Admissions

If you fit the requirements, it’s good to determine what are your chances to get into the college. Ask about the applicant to admissions ratio. Many students apply but not all of them manage to get accepted. This information will help you estimate the competition so that you can come prepared. Don’t be afraid to apply to a school just because it’s too competitive. However, when aiming at such schools, you should also have a couple of other schools that will serve as a safety net.

Majors and Minors

Many students only declare majors during their second semester of freshman year. However, we recommend that you think about it in advance just to choose the right college that corresponds to your academic goals. Any school may offer many good features besides academics. However, your education should still be the main objective and the main factor that determines your choice.

Support and Resources

Many students need additional support, such as accommodations, medical services or psychological help. Many colleges can offer such things so we recommend that you ask about anything that is important to you. You should clarify such details before you apply.

Activities and Other Opportunities

Do you want to study abroad? Are you looking for a certain club? Do you want to play sports? Think of your interests and what activities you enjoy the most. You may find an interesting internship or find other ways to participate in campus life.

Financial Assistance

Obviously, you need to ask about tuition costs and any additional fees. Some colleges are more expensive than others. For example, there is a big difference between private and state schools. If a price is too high for you, ask what types of financial assistance this college offers. We also recommend that you ask about scholarships, FAFSA, work-study programs, grants, etc.


If you’re looking for a diverse college, you can ask representatives to provide you with some information on the demographics. Although it may not affect your decision, minority students often feel more comfortable in diverse schools, where other people have a similar background.

When to Apply

Once you’ve found answers to all of your questions, ask the representatives when you can apply. You should know the deadlines to prepare and make an outstanding application. Sometimes, interviews can increase your chances to get accepted so we also recommend that you try to schedule an interview.

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