Business Paper on UPS Orders 125 Futuristic Tesla Trucks

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UPS Inc. makes a big investment in electric technologies, buying 125 brand new Tesla semi-trucks.

According to reports, these trucks cost from $150,000 to $200,000. To date, it’s the largest order of new Tesla trucks presented in November.
Representatives of the delivery company expect that such a decision will save up to $25 million. The main air hub of the company is located in Louisville. However, Tesla plans to start production in 2019.

The UPS spokesman, Mike Mangeot, said that the company doesn’t know yet where these vehicles will be located. They are considering transporting trucks in Louisville, where they already have many compressed natural gas and hybrid trucks.

Tesla vehicles are much cheaper in operation, so they can save a lot of money. According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, diesel trucks are more than 20% more expensive. During a media event in California, Musk told USA TODAY that diesel trucks cost about $1.51 per mile, while Tesla vehicles show better results – $1.26.

Juan Peres, the Chief Information and Engineering for UPS, said that UPS has tested and implemented new promising technologies for more than a century, increasing the efficiency of their transportation fleet. He also noted that the company is looking for further cooperation with Tesla. Peres stated that Tesla trucks reduce ownership costs and impact on the environment, which makes these vehicles a groundbreaking innovation, which begins a new era in logistics.

UPS Inc. is going to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by 12% during the next eight years. Greenhouse gases are one of the main causes of global warming, so this issue is quite important in the conditions of climate change.

According to Tesla representatives, new trucks are able to travel up to 500 miles on one charge. The company also developed new solutions to increase safety.
The design of Tesla Semi is stunningly futuristic. Drivers will forget about the lack of space in the cab. Semis will have enough space to walk inside, and the driver’s seat will be placed in the center, providing perfect visibility.

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