Brainstorm Great Topic Ideas: 10 Tips

Brainstorm Great Topic Ideas: 10 Tips
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When writing an academic paper, you can often enjoy the topic and quickly write what you think. However, choosing a good topic is not an easy task, especially if your prompt is open-ended. Thus, experts from decided to help you with this challenging task.

Everybody has had a brainstorming experience even in elementary school. Even if you have concerns about brainstorming as a method of finding a topic, the truth is that this method works. Students may use various methods of writing and have different opinions, but these simple tips will help you write a great paper regardless of your topic or writing approach.

1. Set the ultimate goal

Determine the goal of the brainstorm. There’s no need to know exactly what you’re going to write about (otherwise, you wouldn’t need to brainstorm), but you must have some ideas about the purpose of your brainstorming efforts. Are you searching for potential topics? Do you want to determine the ideas that can support your point? You should understand the objectives of brainstorming to use your time effectively.

2. Write down any ideas that come to your mind

Some ideas are better than others but brainstorming isn’t about evaluating ideas. Even if you think that the first few ideas are somewhat weak, they may lead to other, better thoughts. Therefore, don’t stop and keep producing ideas. You will have an opportunity to evaluate them and select the best ones later.

3. Think of what is interesting to you

Most often, students write great essays on subjects they are passionate about. If you have an open-ended prompt, it’s a great opportunity to choose an interesting topic.

4. Think of what your readers should learn from your paper

Do you want your paper to be thought-provoking, informative, or engaging? While brainstorming, think of what is the end goal of the entire paper. It will help you set the right priorities and satisfy your audience.

5. Practice freewriting

Try to write non-stop for five minutes on a topic that may be worth choosing it for your paper. You don’t need a well-formulated idea at this stage. Freewriting will help you understand whether this idea is really good or not. If you find yourself trying to figure out what to write, switch subjects and keep writing.

6. Create a word map

Some students stick with the traditional lists, but visual learners may benefit from drawing a map of ideas. Start with writing the main idea in the center of a page, and then draw bubbles with other ideas, connecting them to the central point. This approach will help you break down complex ideas, understanding what exactly you should write about.

7. Ask for help

If you cannot come up with a good topic on your own, talk to your friends or family. You may also try brainstorming in a group. Another effective solution is to contact writers from — they will help you choose the best topic for your paper.

8. Find a nice location

The chosen location has an impact on your creativity so it can make a difference when brainstorming. For example, you may prefer to listen to music or choose a quiet place. The main thing is to choose a location where you can be productive.

9. Play word games

No matter if you love word games or hate them, they may boost your creativity and help you generate new ideas. Play Scrabble or Words With Friends, and you will see how your brain comes up with new words. Invite your friends and play classic board games or just download an app.

10. Take a break

Brainstorming enables you to generate initial ideas, but you may need some time to process them. Take a break, go for a walk or do some exercises. Return to your list of ideas and see if you can add or change something.

Many students say that coming up with a topic is the most difficult part of their writing assignments. Boost your creativity by brainstorming, and don’t be afraid to write down all the ideas that come to your mind. Experiment with different methods, and get to writing.

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