Are Essay Writing Services Worth Your Money?

Are Essay Writing Services Worth Your Money?
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If you have ever been a student, then you know that essays are a crucial part of the education process. We learned how to write essays from the youngest age, writing simple pieces in school. Our writing skills develop as we gain more knowledge, which allows us to write complex thesis papers and Ph.D. works. Modern students have many tools that simplify their work, such as plagiarism checkers and grammar software. However, software isn’t the only kind of tools used by students in order to get higher marks and write impressive papers. Now students also take opportunities of freelance websites and online writing services, hiring professional writers and delegating their complex papers to experts. Many students consider such a solution the best and the easiest way to get their papers done fast. In contrast, their professors are rather unhappy with such a practice, asking their students to not use such services.

In fact, services often just make an essay based on a certain material given by a customer. Despite this fact, online writing services still rise controversy among professors and students. To understand reasons for such a situation, we must answer the important question, why students even have a need for such services?

There are many different answers to this question. First, many students have English as their second language. Writing services offer them an opportunity to write their works according to all academical requirements. Many students don’t have enough time to write many essays because they have a part-time job. Of course, there are also students who just have to order writing online because of their laziness. International students have most problems with persuasive essays that require a writer to have great language skills. In most cases, the quality of papers written by international students lags behind the quality of those written by native speakers.

Those students who have jobs usually don’t have enough time to cope with multiple assignments. Writing services offer them a great chance to combine studying with their work. Finally, the last kind of students is lazy ones. However, these students may be just not excited about writing at all. These people don’t want to puzzle on long essays trying to find the most persuasive and beautiful words.

Another kind of students who benefit from online writing services is Ph.D. students. In fact, they represent a significant proportion of clients of such services. Given the importance of their tasks, there is no surprise that they often want to improve their papers, asking professional writers for help.

Most often, Ph.D. students need help with the thesis. This paper is especially important, so many students will rather rely on professionals instead of risking their reputation. Thesis papers are available for everyone in the world. Anyone can read papers of Ph.D. students, so even the insignificant grammar mistake or some plagiarized element may cause a very unpleasant effect.

So, what writing services can do which students can’t do themselves?

Writing services hire professional writers and provide their customers with experts in a particular discipline. Obviously, those who write for a living have much better writing skills than an average student has. Professional writers cope with many writing tasks of any kind, knowing all specifics of each type of writing, and making fewer mistakes. For many students, such services are their only chance to get higher grades.

When students give their materials to professionals, the latter are able to turn them into a better paper. Customers get all rights over the purchased paper and professors cannot know that it wasn’t written by a student, so they just have to accept them with no questions. These writers always guarantee the highest quality of their papers and check all papers for plagiarism before delivering them to customers.

Writing services make sure that their customers can contact their writers anytime they need. During university or Ph.D. degree, students can use writing services to get papers of the highest quality. Ph.D. theses are especially popular among students because they are crucial for the future of their careers.

Is it right to use online writing services?

Professors are relatively calm when it comes to grammar checkers. After all, they still will check the paper and make the final decision. In contrast, being caught on using a writing service, a student may risk his or her degree. Usually, professors are not understanding when students buy essays written by somebody else. However, it would be good for professors to understand international students and allow them to use writers or at least professional translators.

Students who have a part-time job could ask their professors for more flexible deadlines. It would be useful for such students to consider getting the help from their study group and their professors instead of buying the complete paper online. At the same time, we believe that Ph.D. students have strong reasons to buy the entire paper or order writing of a certain part of it.

When students have to work on their researches, writing thesis papers may take too much time and effort without any chance to complete both tasks successfully. Freelance writers can take over the writing routine, allowing students to focus on tasks that need more attention without being distracted by everything else. It’s hard for many students to write impressively, trying to find the best words to express their thoughts. Thus, getting writer’s help can be a great idea in such circumstances.


A positive effect of writing services on students’ performance cannot be denied. It’s a great solution for international students and those who have part-time jobs, being unable to dedicate all their time to studying. The only alternative for them may be the decreased strictness of grading.

These services help many Ph.D. students with their thesis papers. However, students of junior or high schools may get a bad habit of buying all papers without trying to learn writing themselves. During early schooling, students can improve their writing skills only through necessary practice.

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